HOW TO: Develop Personal Style

Have I developed my personal style?
The evolution of personal style goes hand in hand with growing up, it pretty much evolves organically. For example, from birth to adulthood people go through changes and experience different situations that influence their clothing choices. For some people, punk was their thing during their rebellious teenage years, and in return, their personal style is somewhat influenced by punk. They may be to the point where they’ve traded in their Doc Martens for Stubbs and Wooten loafers, but they still might rock Led Zeppelin concert tees. This pattern isn’t necessarily true for all people, but in my case, it absolutely is. A trend, more so a characteristic, of my childhood/pre-teens has followed me into my young adult years.
For those of you who have read my bio, you are already aware that I spent my tender years of adolescence avoiding frilly socks, fluffy dresses, and itchy tights. I was definitely a tomboy until around 8th grade, but I never fully outgrew my tomboy title. It has actually found it’s way into my personal style.
Although I believe my personal style is still evolving, I have always been drawn to menswear and trends that focus on mastering masculinity. I love rocking oxfords, loafers, suspenders, boyfriend shorts, boyfriend button ups and so much more.  I look to both street brands and well-known designers like, the Comme Des Garcons PLAY collection and Thom Browne. I wouldn’t exactly say my personal style is completely made up of masculine pieces, but it does play a starring role.
If I were to name my (still developing) personal style, I would call it Minimalist Street Chic. Lately I’ve been rocking solid tees in either black, grey, or white, all black high-top Converse or black Gucci loafers, and a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans.
When it comes to personal style, remember the most important rule, it’s personal so stick to what you like. Don’t feel confined by your personal style, if you like a trend that doesn’t necessarily fit the profile of your personal style you should still go for it! Lastly, let it happen organically don’t feel rushed to pinpoint a specific style right now, just have fun!
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TEEN REPORTER (Style) | Christa is from the Motor City, aka Detroit, MI. The 18 year-old is currently studying at Pace University and living in New York City. When it comes to her relationship with fashion, it's actually quite simple. She admires well-made pieces, a minimal color palate, and designers such as Alexander Wang, Phoebe Philo, and Jenna Lyons. Fashion wasn't always her main interest though… basketball was her first love. When she's not writing about style or picking through the pages of i-D or Vogue, you can find her at the nearest television awaiting Kobe Bryant's triumphant return. But don't let her style fool you. She'll ditch her favorite Chelsea boots anytime for a pair of Jordan 1s and a quick game of one-on-one.