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How to Care for Sweaty Clothes Post-Workout


Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around or getting things done in a comfy pair of leggings? Co-founder of Soulcylce Julie Rice believes "... wearing your athleticwear all day is more than acceptable." And while it's definitely ok to wear a hot pair of leggings while you're out running errands, it's different once you've put in work at the gym. After exercising it’s important to change out of wet clothes as soon as possible for health purposes, but you may be unsure of what do with them. If so, here are 4 steps to caring for your sweaty clothes after a workout:

1. Take Them Off immediately

It may seem like an exaggeration, but the best thing for your body and your clothes is to take them off. Continuing to wear sweaty clothes can lead to body acne and yeast infections. The best thing to do is to take a shower to rinse off the hard work and put on clean, dry clothes.

2. Let Your Clothes Dry

Don’t put your clothes directly in your hamper after taking them out your gym bag. Your clothes need time to air out and dry to avoid mold or bacteria growth. By doing so you’re also preventing your other clothes from taking on the stench of your workout.

3. Wash Your Clothes Properly

Washing your workout clothes can sometimes require extra care that your regular clothes don’t. Because you exercised in them there’s an accumulation of sweat, oil, and bacteria from not only your body but gym equipment as well. One of the best ways to get your clothes clean is to wash them with cold water and baking soda or Nathan Sports Wash right after wearing them. Avoid fabric softener as it shortens the life of the clothing, and turn your clothes inside out before washing to help remove odors.

4. Pack Extra Clothes In Your Gym Bag

If you don’t have time to take a shower after the gym, the next best move is to put on clean clothes. Not just changing your shirt or your leggings when you’re done, but changing your undergarments as well. Once your body is dry put on fabrics that breathe without further constraints. And be sure to keep deodorant and antibacterial wipes on hand.

We all want our favorite workout clothes to last as long as possible, and more importantly, we want to avoid any infections. Do you have tips on caring for sweaty workout clothes that we should try? Tell us in the comments below!

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