Here's How I Balanced 18 Credits & Two Internships This Semester


It’s finally December, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of college students everywhere rejoicing because the fall semester is finally wrapping up. Amen.

As a college student myself, I’m ecstatic that I won’t be stressed with homework deadlines, exams, and presentations until 2019 rolls in. This is especially because this semester, I took on a whopping 18 credit hours at my university, two internships, and an array of other projects. Booked and busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life during this school term.

While there were definitely some days when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to shut out the world just for a moment in order to binge-watch episodes of my favorite Netflix shows (and trust me, I def did that on a few occasions), I can proudly say that I tackled six classes and balanced several positions on and off campus.

Want to know the secrets that have allowed me to maintain my sanity, keep an almost 4.0 GPA, and juggle multiple jobs all at once? Below, I’m dropping a few gems that will help any college student (future scholars, too) navigate school, life, and work like a total boss.

1. Make planning a priority.

When your life involves many moving parts, being successful at any of your responsibilities requires weekly planning. What assignments are due this week? What hours are you scheduled to be at your internship(s)? Do you have any upcoming presentations? Add everything into your planner or digital calendar to make sure you aren’t missing a beat Monday through Sunday. I use the MyHomework app and the calendar on my iPhone to keep up with my full schedule. When there happened to be gaps in my schedule, I also made sure to take advantage of my “free time” by prepping for or completing upcoming assignments.

2. Become a morning person.

Atlanta-based lifestyle influencer Mattie James says, “one of the biggest secrets to getting things done is waking up early,” and she’s not lying! One way I’ve managed to not drown in my work every week is by waking up a few hours earlier than I normally would a few days a week. Doing this allows me to knock off many tasks on my to-do list before I have to head to class or work. Becoming productive early in the morning has helped me learn to work more efficiently and feel less overwhelmed with everything on my plate — which is a major win! 

3. Develop a self-care routine.

When you’re focused on due dates and work duties, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself. However, I’ve always made it a point to be in-tune with what my mind, body, and soul need and take moments for myself. Whether it’s napping for an hour, listening to a soothing playlist, or treating myself to a spa day, I do what I can to lessen the stresses of life. To be on your A-game in class or the office, pouring into yourself is absolutely non-negotiable.

4. Keep your tribe close.

I wouldn’t know what I would have done this semester without the support of my friends. When I needed a break and wanted to take my mind off work, I scheduled to spend a day with my friends or spent hours talking with them on the phone. Being around my inner circle always helps me feel refueled and recharged. Surrounding yourself with positive people is comforting and uplifting especially when the demands of your schedule are too much to handle. 

What were some of your habits that helped you survive this semester, Sweat Sisters? Let us know in the comments below!

SWEATLEBRITY REPORTER | Olivia Hancock is is currently a junior at Georgia State University. The 19-year-old has loved writing ever since she can remember and her passion for it has allowed her to hold the title of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Teen Reporter for five consecutive terms. In addition, Olivia has had the opportunity to work with Her Campus, Aeropostale and Nordstrom as an ambassador. Her writing has been published on xoNecole, 21 Ninety, Her Campus, One MusicFest, and The Life Currency. In the future, Olivia plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and pursue a professional career as a writer at a lifestyle publication.