GREEK LIFE: What is Strolling?


Strolling to most people is just leisurely walk through a park or a kindly skip through a beautiful pasture. However, for some, the word “Strolling” and “Stroll Team” could actually incite arguments over Greeks with the best stroll teams and a conversation on memories of an upperclassman’s favorite stroll team moment. 

Let me explain… for some sororities and fraternities “Strolling” known as party walking is a big deal for many Greek fraternities and sororities of color.

I mean a BIG deal!

Started in 1920 by the Divine 9, many have differing opinions as to who originally started strolling, though much historical respect is given to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. for beginning the tradition.

Also the actual act of traditional dance and celebratory dances can be traced all the way back to the passing on of strong African American roots in many Greek Life Organizations.

So as the many Greeks began to stroll and step, competitions and legacy strollers began to form. The culture of strolling is the strongest on HBCU campuses, where even first year students are allowed to stroll for their Residence Hall before they are allowed to pledge their sophomore year. 

As of 2014, there are over 60 sororities and 50 fraternities with the highest rate of expansion happening with Latin American Greek Life organizations. Watch Abby Hall a residence hall at Spelman College perform and win the Stroll Off contest last year!

TEEN REPORTER (Celebs) | Clarissa Brooks is a sophomore at Spelman College who reports on topics that directly affect youth culture. The 19 year-old reporter enjoys reading feminist literature, writing about sex, politics and celeb gossip. She hopes to one day be the Editor In Chief of a music magazine and a respected figure in hip hop media developing dynamic content for her generation.