The GlamTwinz Share Details About Their New Book, Fitness Routine, and More!


Lifestyle and beauty vloggers Kelsey and Kendra Murrell - also known as The GlamTwinz - are the faces of the highly successful YouTube channels, GlamTwinz334 and GlamTwinzTV. Throughout their flourishing career as content creators, the Murrell sisters have worked with brands such as Carol’s Daughter, Target, and BET and have even had the opportunity to show off their beautiful hair in publications like Essence and Hype Hair. Recently, The GlamTwinz unveiled their newest project, “The GlamTwinz Guide To Longer, Healthier Hair,” which is an expansion on their viral video “Top 10 Tips To Grow Out Long Healthy Hair.” The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart and the girls are now gearing up for a book tour!
The busy beauties recently chatted with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT about their highly anticipated book release, their fitness routine, and so much more! Read on to check out what The GlamTwinz had to say.

Your YouTube channel, which focuses on beauty and fashion has over 500,000 subscribers. What prompted you two to start your channel?

Kelsey & Kendra: Early on, we watched other Beauty Vloggers on YouTube for fun not with the intentions of starting our own channel but became inspired to create our own eventually. 
Along your journey as beauty and fashion content creators, what has been your greatest accomplishment?
Kelsey & Kendra: Being able to inspire thousands of young women!

Biggest challenge? 

Kelsey & Kendra: One of our biggest challenges is being able to keep up with the demand for collaborations!  Our channel focuses on Hair, Makeup, and Fashion and we get contacted from every medium for partnerships but it’s impossible to do them all.  We feel very blessed!

You two recently teamed up to write The GlamTwinz Guide To Longer Healthier Hair! What made you decide to compile all your tips and tricks into a book?

Kelsey & Kendra: Writing a book is something we’ve always wanted to do.  Of course the book stemmed from one of our top videos that went viral on YouTube:  “Top 10 Tips to Grow Out Long Healthy Hair”.  For the past six years this has been the #1 question for us! How did you guys get your hair so Long and Healthy?  So to help our followers with our most requested question we decided to put it in writing!  Our book is a more in depth guide.  


What was the writing process like?

Kelsey & Kendra: The writing process was very tedious but well worth it!  It took us about 6 months to complete.  We both combined all of our information and ideas into each chapter and wanted to make sure we did not miss any details and tried to be as thorough as possible.  We not only wanted it to be informative but also a fun read so we included some of our personal hair stories as well.

Can you share the #1 hair tip you each live by?

Kendra: Keep it moisturized and be committed!  Have a consistent routine. Your hair will respond better!

What are a few of your must-have beauty/hair products?

We are definitely product junkies and try out lots of hair products because it’s part of our job but here are some of our favorites:
Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash
 Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Hair Smoothie
Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Crème

You girls love to keep your hair healthy, but what workout routines do you follow to keep your body healthy? 

Kelsey: We workout 3 days a week and generally do cardio (stationary bike) and light weights. We are still a work in progress!  

When you're breaking a sweat, what songs are you always listening to? 

Kelsey: Anything Drake!  

Working out is half the battle because eating right is just as important. What are some healthy snacks you girls are always munching on? 

Kelsey: We both love snacking on fresh fruit and nuts!

Sweating out your hair during a workout is every girl's worst fear. What are some tips on how to keep your hair looking cute even after breaking a sweat?

Kendra: It’s really hard to look cute after a good workout but we like to pull our hair up in a top bun or slick it back in a ponytail. 

Can you share a few tips with other girls who want to start a YouTube channel too?

Kelsey & Kendra: Have a true passion for it! There is a lot of work that goes into vlogging that most people think comes easy but trust us it doesn’t and if you do not have a true passion for it you’ll get burned out and it won’t last!
Want to see if The GlamTwinz are coming to a city near you? Check out their book tour dates below!

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