Fitness Star Laeann Amos Reed On Documenting Her Weight-Loss Journey, Social Media & Staying Committed To Wellness


Virtual celebrity trainer and Gymni Athletics apparel line founder Laeann Amos Reed is admired by nearly 70k Instagram followers for her rock hard abs and sculpted muscles. But, through several testimonials, the on-air personality has made it clear that her strikingly fit physique wasn't achieved overnight. Instead, her journey to living her most fit life was marked by countless hours in the gym and most importantly — a fresh outlook on wellness: "I committed my life to [living] a healthy lifestyle after watching my family members become ill from diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity," Reed tells us.

Read on for everything we learned from our exclusive interview and how you can score a chance to workout with the on-air personality IRL.

On Making Fitness Fun

Fueled by the motivation she received on social media, Reed began posting regularly to share updates on her incredible body transformation and inspire others. "I knew by making [the journey] public, I couldn't stop and throw in the towel because everyone was watching," she explains.

"I always bring a positive attitude to the gym! Even on crappy days when you just want to stay in bed, I find that if you maintain a positive attitude, it makes the workout easier to complete." Reed's time in the gym also helped her discover and hone-in on how fun workouts can be (hip-hop cycling and aqua aerobics for instance), a crucial reminder to everyone that getting fit should include activities you enjoy. 

Aside from her solo workouts, which she says allow her to give more of herself to help others, Reed hosts classes as well: "I teach several group fitness classes that can be done in either a small group setting or in an intimate, more personal one-on-one session."

On Hitting Refresh

After an intense sweat session, you can find her using a wide array of products from brands including Dark and Lovely, Cantu and Over The Top Hair Collection. "On my face, I love using black soap, witch hazel, toner, and a clay mask." To keep things in the clear, "I also make sure I clean my makeup brushes regularly," she notes. 

On Foods For Fuel 

Her health transformation wouldn't have been complete without switching up her diet. When asked what's on the menu in a given week, she mentions nutritious foods such as ground turkey, chicken breast, seafood, green leafy veggies, and fresh fruit. Moreover, Reed credits making minimal changes to her meal plan as the main reason she's able to maintain her figure.


On Sept. 15, Reed will join PGS as a team captain for PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest Atlanta, guiding a group of select Sweat Sisters through the day-long experience. What's she looking forward to the most? "Keeping my team pumped, energetic, and full of laughter with my over the top personality [and] meeting every one of the wonderful ladies coming together to fight childhood obesity!"

On Getting Motivated

For anyone who wants to take a page from Reed’s book and live a more active life, she says this: “Don't overthink it. Put your mind in a kid’s frame of thinking. When I was a kid, all we wanted to do was go outside and play. [...] Get up, go outside, and just move, jog, skip, laugh, etc. Before you know it, you're moving more than usual, breaking a sweat and burning calories without thinking about it!"

To keep you motivated, listen to our PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT playlist collab on Spotify!



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