Fitness Influencer Kayline Anantua Shares Her 4 Favorite NYC Workout Spots


In a city like New York where the fitness scene is booming and exercise options are endless, it can be hard to decide what gyms are worth visiting. Below, New York-based fitness influencer (and the winner of our August photo contest) Kayline Anantua gave us the inside scoop on some of the workout studios and outdoor fitness centers she likes to go to break a sweat. If you're planning a visit up East soon or call the Big Apple home and just want to try something different, you're in for a treat. 

1. Blink Fitness

With over 70+ locations across NY, NJ, Philly, and even L.A., chances are there's a Blink Fitness somewhere nearby and open to satisfy your fitness needs. The buzzy chain offers state-of-the-art workout facilities that are each fully decked out in bright, mood-lifting colors and come equipped with loads of personal training options. From experience, Anantua adds: "Blink Fitness is convenient, very light on the wallet, and gets the job done!" According to its website, the first month will only set you back $1 buck. After that, membership will run you anywhere between $15 to $26 depending upon which package you select. Can you say deal?!

2. Marine Park

Marine Park is the largest public park in Brooklyn. “My family and I like to go here to run and use the outside gym set they have available," Anantua says. "It’s a great time for me to get a great workout in and bond somewhere that everyone will enjoy.” The park covers over 530 acres (!!!) and features tons of areas where you can get active — including a golf course, bocce courts, cricket fields, and baseball diamonds. 

3. SoulCycle

“SoulCycle keeps you moving even when you want to give up,” Anantua says. The wildly popular indoor cycling chain, which was founded in Manhattan 12 years ago, now has studios across the country and is known for attracting lots of star-studded clients like Lady Gaga and the queen Beyoncé herself. Classes are $30 for 45 minutes, so yes, brace yourself to push it to the limit.

4. Fit4Dance NYC

Fit4Dance is a standout women and children’s dance center in Brooklyn. Sweat Sisters can join in on a number of dance classes — ranging from jazz to ballet — for as low as $18. "It's a great place to channel your rhythm. They offer classes that bring me back to my Caribbean roots and make me work up a sweat," Anantua explains. "Fitness doesn't have to be basic. It can be fun, interactive, and a great way to try new things and test how far your body can go!” 

If you're looking to step out of your fitness comfort zone while in NYC, we encourage you to check out any of the hotspots above. Have a gym we should know about? Make sure to sound off in the comments below!

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