EXCLUSIVE: At Sunset Talks Music, Australian Slang and Much More!

Australian pop rock band At Sunset caught our full attention with their cover of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive". We were determined to learn more about the talented trio consisting of brothers Harrison Kantarias (vocals) & Andrew Kantarias (vocals and keyboard) and Jae Curtis (guitar and drums) so we tracked them down for the scoop on their hometown, their inspirations, future plans and so much more. Keep reading "Sunsetters"!

What is the inspiration behind your cool group name At Sunset?
The name is a metaphor for our feeling towards music. We like to be upbeat, positive and really just enjoying life. Playing music, setting suns, beaches, pools, girls in bikinis……it doesn't get better than that, does it?

Collectively, who is your favorite boy band of all time?
Wow this is a very hard question haha. Surely its gotta be NSYNC.

What has been your favorite song to cover on youtube?
Probably MIRRORS (Justin Timberlake) we had a lot of fun making that track our own (check it out), but Justin Beiber's AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME is definitely up there (watch it here).

Check out their latest cover below:

How has growing up in Australia influenced your music?
To be honest, its all we know, we are very family orientated and have grown up with a lot of support from our family. But maybe you could say we are happy to take risks and see what happens, that could be very Australian of us? haha

What are some of the most popular slang words in your hometown?
Haha ok here we go……..
RECKON - Means what do you think? - What you reckon?
MATE - Friend
BARBIE - Means Barbecue.

What are some of your favorite twitter accounts to follow?
Well I (Harrison) follow Justin Timberlake (@Jtimberlake), Manchester United (@ManUtd) and the other guys follow THE WIGGLES! Haha they are going to kill me for this.

What’s up next for At Sunset?
Well Hopefully AMERICA? We can't wait to be in the States touring and writing new music.



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