EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Actor Carlon Jeffery

Teen Diaries recently had the chance to speak to ANT Farm actor Carlon Jeffery about his career as well as his personal life. Jeffery, 19 goes by the stage name C-Note and is currently focusing on his rap career in the midst of working on a new acting project.  Read below to learn about this talented teen!

Teen Diaries: How did you get into acting?
Carlon Jeffery: It started with me in a competition in Florida. I had to be about twelve years old. I took first place in a monologue. It was my first time reading a script. The judges thought I should pursue coming to California where I met casting agents for ANT Farm. I landed the show and then later moved from Ohio to California.

TD: Who do you look up too?
Carlon: My #1 inspiration is my mother and my aunt. They really motivate me to live out my dreams in acting and music.

TD: What do you look for in a girl?
Carlon: Nice eyes, nice smile, good communicator, honest, and a good personality.

TD: Who is your celebrity crush?
Carlon: I have a crush on actress Stacey Dash.

TD: Are you single?
Carlon: Yes, I am single, but I talk to different girls, who can potentially become that special girl.

TD: What is a fact no one knows about you, if it’s not too personal?
Carlon: Not many people know that I am a twin. I have a twin sister who is an actress as well. I'm also a military brat. I moved around a lot when I was younger. I've lived in Germany.

TD: Where are some of your favorite places to hang out or shop?
Carlon: Love to hang out at the basketball court and the park. I love shopping at the mall or online. My favorite sports apparel line is FOCUSDAPPAREL.com.

TD: What if you weren't an actor, what do you see yourself being?
Carlon: I would be doing music, which is what I'm currently doing when I'm not on set acting. I currently have a free mixtape out that people can download. (Stream and download Carlon's mixtape X HERE!)

TD: What are some movies or shows you would like to have a role in?
Carlon: I'd love to appear on "Happy Endings" or "The Walking Dead". I really want to meet Tyler Perry and have a role in something he's doing. I love his work.

TD: What are some of your major turn offs in a girl?
Carlon: Girls that try too hard to impress me. I just want them to be themselves. It's also important that a girl look and smell their best.

TD: Who are some actors you would like to work with?
Carlon: I would love to work with Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence because they are so funny and I love their comedic timing.

TD: How is it working on the set of “Ant Farm”?
Carlon: Being on the show is a wonderful experience for me. I get to work with a group of talented actors.

TD: Is it easy for you to get into character when you act? Can you relate to your character Cameron in any way?
Carlon: I think it's very easy to get into character because in some ways I'm similar to Cameron. We are both funny and mischievous.

TD: Do you have any siblings; if so are any of them into the entertainment business too?
Carlon: I have a twin sister named Carla who is an actress as well. She's been on shows like iCarly, Shake It Up, to name a few.

TD: Do you have any movies or shows that you have a role in coming up?
Carlon: Yes, I'm working on a few projects. I'm the lead actor in a few upcoming films that I can't talk about or give the name of the project yet, but continue to follow me for updates.

TD: How can fans connect with you?
Carlon: Fans can follow me on Twitter @carlonjeffery. I do not have a Facebook yet. I've been told that there are a few out there, but it's not me. I will be announcing on Twitter about the launch of my website with all my official social sites.

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