Effortless Hair-Dos for Appalling Hair-Donts

A poor haircut can make any girl’s self confidence plummet. And with a filled schedule, who has time to get their hair fixed professionally? Fixing bad hair can take a lot of time and money, which no one has to spare, but thank goodness there are simple solutions at hand.

The most well-known problem solvers are accessories. Whether it’s a barrette, scarf, headband, or even flashy jewelry and sunglasses, an accessory takes unwanted attention away from the hair itself.

Of course, accessories can’t do everything to right the most common of hair accidents: bangs. Bangs, especially full-on, front bangs, aren’t made for everyone. And in cases where they are cut at the wrong length, the wrong shape, or maybe just aren’t made for that person’s face shape, few things other waiting for them to grow can be done.

First, pulling uneven bangs back or to the side can keep them out of the way. A slightly more creative take on that is parting hair near or down the middle, and tucking the bangs, along with a few longer strands, behind the ears and pinning them into place. The best part is that this style can be done with almost any type of hair.

If an edgier look is in order, cutting front bangs super short can look surprisingly sweet. An inch or two of hair is all that is needed to frame a face, without covering it up.

On the other spectrum, layers are completely a different story. Layers can become an issue when they grow out in strange ways. When cut for one specific style, or just cut plain wrong, they look unnatural and unflattering. In these situations, partial updos are the go-to for easy to achieve styles. Partial updos that usually come to mind are half ponytails, or clip ups. A more casual updo is the half bun. Basically, a sock bun is formed with only the top layer of hair, at the base of the head.

Updos can’t be used for all occasions, though. An easy way to cover up layer problems is with waves or curls that add texture to the hair, and/or a bit of added pomade or hair cream on the tips to give the hair a purposefully “choppy” look.

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TEEN REPORTER | Maryn is a 16 year-old girl from Royal Oak, MI, one of the more unusual suburbs that verges on being an actual city. Going into 11th grade, this teen has been cutting and dying her hair, and friends', for 3 to 4 years, giving her plenty of experience with styling, changing, and even improving hair health. When she isn't dying her hair funky colors and changing her style, she's with friends at Goldfish Tea, practicing her ukulele playing, watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, running GSA, helping backstage in Drama Club, updating her blog, and, of course, checking up on Teen Diaries, which she is very happy to be involved with. “I am super excited to be a part of Teen Diaries and have the opportunity to help other girls be confident during one of the most confusing points of their lives."