Easy Everyday Styles For School and the Workplace

Tons of curly girls are committed to long-lasting protective styles, like braids and twists, because they aid in achieving long, healthy hair due to low manipulation. On the other hand, there are a lot of natural girls who can’t even imagine going more than a week without seeing their own hair in all its curly glory. The latter still don’t want to deal with the crucial hair maintenance process (detangle, moisturize, pray, detangle, cry, etc). every single day. Well have no fear ladies, because this one’s for you!
Here are a few video tutorials by Naptural85 and NaturallyCurly to give you some hairstyle ideas for your grand entrance look this school year (that is, if you haven’t started already). Anywho... these styles can last anywhere from one day to a week. Just make sure that you always remember to wrap your hair at night to preserve the style while you’re getting your beauty rest.
It’s also very important that you don’t forget to keep your hair moisturized while in these styles, especially if they’re kept in for a longer period of time.  Enjoy the videos and have a great school year!

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TEEN REPORTER (Hair) | Kristen Harris is a vibrant suburban girl with big city dreams. The 17 year-old has a strong sense of personal style and creativity, and loves experimenting with her style and hair. With a passion for justice and writing, she plans to use her skills to help further our society's efforts to become more tolerant and accepting. Catch up with her on Instagram and Twitter @blaccboldbeauty