Ditch the Planner! Get Organized With A Bullet Journal Instead


For the new year, we all have things we want to happen or that we want to do. Whether it be to watch certain movies, apply for certain jobs, or break certain habits, now is the perfect opportunity to start a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a personalized version of an agenda. However, with a bullet journal, you can have everyday lists and to-do’s and plans and even future ideas all in one place. Over time you will realize what takes up too much space and may need a journal of its own.
Don’t think of it as putting a cap on possibilities or trying to have control of everything. Sometimes we want to go with the flow and be care-free, but other times, as responsibilities and careers become a bigger part of life, planning is the one way to stay care-free or, better yet, stress-free and worry-free. Creating and keeping a bullet journal will keep your emotions intact as changes happen and is one of the best ways to remember what you did earlier this week, this month, or this year. I can attest to the fact that keeping a mental note of things is good, but not reliable. 

If you want any ideas, check out this video below about creating a bullet journal:

Ameerah de Chabert has always had a passion for writing amongst a love for the arts in general. She began to pursue this passion in the arts from just 2 years old. She went on to attend an arts high school where she majored in creative writing and minored in dance. Besides that, Ameerah is pursuing film and stage management as a career with journalism as a more personal pursuit to share stories and relate people to each other. So far, she has been able to do that by working with Vox Teen Communications and Pretty Girls Sweat. She is now entering university as a film major. The arts are very fundamental to Ameerah. She hopes to one day be a loud voice for artists and an advocate for the arts, and later on a voice in the fight for human rights and environmental sustainability.