Dance 411 Students Create the 2.0 Version of Our Popular 4 Minute Dance Workout!


Award-winning musician Keri Hilson and her girl power anthem “Pretty Girl Rock” have had a special place in our hearts here at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT for nearly six years. The soulful songstress was the host of our first fitness party in 2011 (You can read more about the event HERE) and has continued to support our mission to encourage girls to “make fitness fun” and “sweat with purpose” ever since.

To celebrate Hilson and her Platinum certified song, six beautiful and bright students at DeVore Dance Center in Queens, NY created a 4-minute dance routine to the hit single in 2011 and it was performed at our inaugural event with Hilson on September 24th of the same year. The choreography video garnered massive attention on YouTube and has over 100K views to date. This month, seven sassy and smart students at Dance 411 studio in Atlanta, GA revamped the viral choreography and delivered a high-energy, calorie-burning routine that is guaranteed to get you in shape. The PGS dance workout will be performed by all sweat sisters at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA on September 16th, 2017-- You can secure your VIP or General Admission tickets to The Ultimate Sweat Sisterhood Festival HERE.

Watch the 2.0 version of this sought after fitness routine BELOW! (All PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA attendees are encouraged to watch the video to practice).

You can also check out the original PGS dance workout HERE:

While searching YouTube, we recently discovered this super cute choreography to "Pretty Girl Rock" as well. Check it out:

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