The C.U.R.E. for Healthy Eating Setbacks


Can you relate? The struggle is still real.

The new year is in full swing and you are well on your way to crushing every goal you set! If you started the year strong with a healthier lifestyle, keep pushing. Have you found yourself straying from the healthy diet you had in mind on January 1st? That is perfectly okay, too. Do not feel pressured to change your entire diet overnight. It is healthier to incorporate a well-balanced diet gradually, which will increase the likelihood of your success in the long run. And did you know that your body naturally craves comfort food during the winter months? This can definitely make sticking to your new diet plan more difficult, but do not let any setbacks stop you from achieving your ultimate goal. Follow these four steps whenever you find yourself back at the drawing board needing to C.U.R.E. feelings of stress and disappointment from your "New Year, New Me" diet mishaps:  

Come up with a plan.

Whether you choose to design a meal prep calendar or make small tweaks to your current diet, design a foolproof plan that works for YOU and your lifestyle.

Utilize a support system.

Find an accountability partner. During this pivotal time in your life, you may find it helpful to have someone to lean on for support. Additionally, it is crucial to know that you have a goal-oriented team of Sweat Sisters who are also supporting you on this journey. 

Realistic goals are necessary.

When setting goals, be realistic and intentional.

Evaluate where you can improve.

It is essential that you take time to refocus. Learn from past mistakes in order to prepare for the future.

If you are still considering setting new healthy eating goals to crush, check out this video created by YouTuber Marsha Eileen:

Sweat Sisters, how have you bounced back from a diet setback before? Comment below!

SAVOR REPORTER | Zaria Rayes is a junior biology pre-med major with a minor in finance at Hampton University. Her ultimate career goal is to become a pediatrician. At an early age, she realized her passion for community service and healthy living. The 20-year-old Las Vegas native enjoys writing as a form of creative expression. Zaria has remained actively involved on campus at Hampton University as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students, and the Honors College.