Countdown to Homecoming: Dance Edition

It’s almost mid-September, fall is near, and that means Homecoming is just around the corner. Homecoming is one of the greatest moments of high school. Spirit week, pep rallies and the football game are a few of the many reasons we look forward to Homecoming, but with it comes preparation. And oftentimes the stress of preparing will lessen your excitement, but with an efficient schedule and good timing planning for Homecoming can almost be calming. Keep reading for ideas on how to effectively plan for your Homecoming dance! 

1.) Dress Shopping— 3-4 weeks

Finding the perfect look for a dance will always take the most time. There are so many options out there and it is important to find “the one,” which is why you should take a few weeks. Also remember, shoes, nails, makeup, and sometimes your hair are based off the dress you plan to wear, so you must schedule enough time to get those too. Three to four weeks gives you that ideal amount of time to lock down the anchor of a perfect Homecoming dance outfit.

2.) Accessorize— 1-2 weeks

Finding the right accessories shouldn't take that much time, and hopefully, one store will have the perfect jewelry and shoes to match your outfit. Buying the main part of your look is the hardest, but once that is completed, accessorizing is a breeze. If you want to keep it budget-friendly, your local department store will have a wide variety of options and price points, so check those out before you travel to a fancy boutique. 

3.) Makeup—1-3 weeks

Buying your makeup around a week before the dance is a good, secure move. It gives you time to test the makeup with your outfit and make adjustments. This is also the time to schedule with a department store or freelance artist, but keep in mind a freelance artist may require more notice and a deposit.

4.) Body Care— under a week

There are many things that fall under body care, such as shaving, moisturizing, exfoliating, and etc. Not everyone has the same process, but less than a week is enough time to perfect your skin for the dance. If you do it too early you’ll get great results that won’t last for the dance, meaning you’ll have to repeat the process, so give yourself about 1-4 days before.  

5.) Hair— 1 day

It is best to style your hair a day before or the day of the dance due to risks. Styling your hair too early increases a risk of frizz or any other problems that you can’t control. Some people prefer the day of to ensure their hair will be in the best shape. Whenever you decide to go, know your desired style beforehand to reduce last-minute stress on you, and maybe your stylist. 

6.) Date— 3-4 weeks

Of course, you don’t have to bring a date. Finding the right date can be hectic, and you may want to go solo or roll with your girls. However, if you are looking to go with a date know that finding the right person early is one less thing on your Homecoming to-do list. And because you're giving yourself enough time to put together a look, your date can find a suit without any rush. 
Have your own Homecoming schedule planned out yet? Tell us about it in the comments below!
SOUL REPORTER | Shelby Wingate is a rising senior at Whitefield Academy in Mableton, Georgia. The extremely competitive athlete plays basketball and runs track for her school. While she does love sports, Shelby uses her competitive nature to excel in academics and will apply that same drive when she attends college to major in Journalism or Communications and minor in French.