COOKING 101: Perfect Pesto Pasta


So this week I was thinking of some simple recipes for all of my challenged chefs out there to make. I know it must be intimidating in the kitchen when you're not familiar with cooking, so I thought this would help you ease into your journey towards the stove.

Recently, I couldn't think of anything to eat at home, but then it came to me, pesto and pasta! It's simple, extremely yummy, and will satisfy your tummy. With a slight cheesy zest, basil leaves and a dash of olive oil, it's a breeze to make and 100% healthy! All my friends were drooling over my nice warm bowl of pasta at lunch and I'm sure yours will too.

4 cups Bow Tie Pasta (Try Ronzoni)
1/2 container of Buitoni Pesto With Basil
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
Yield: 4 servings

Boil Hot water in a pot. Let the water come to a boil and add olive oil.

Add the desired amount of pasta to the pot. Boil pasta until it's at the texture you like (some prefer al dente and others like it very soft).

Strain pasta into colander.

Pour pasta into a bowl and add half a container or less Pesto With Basil sauce. Enjoy! :-)

DINNER DEFINED al dente - (of food, typically pasta) cooked so as to be still firm when bitten.

PGS CAPTAIN | Maya (aka Mocha) is a Virgo from Sparta, a beautiful town surrounded by trees and lakes located in Northern New Jersey. For the longest time, she has had a passion for culinary arts, nutrition, and sharing the importance of both to those around her. When she’s not working or going to school, she appreciates relaxing to jazz, a nice cup of tea, and a good book to clear her mind. She hopes to one day live in California and help change the lives of many in search of a healthy lifestyle.