Celebrity Vegan Chef Porsche Thomas Dishes on Her New Cookbook and Staying Fit as a Mom of Two!


Porsche Thomas is a mom making moves in the kitchen! The model, writer, and celebrity vegan chef is constantly hustling to take her entrepreneurial career to the next level while raising one-year-old twin boys.

We chatted with Porsche last year and recently caught up with the cooking connoisseur again to get a rundown on the latest happenings in her busy world. Below, read about Porsche’s recently launched vegan cookbook, how she incorporates wellness into her full life, and more.

1. As a writer, model, and celebrity chef, you’ve already accomplished a lot in your lifetime. What are your current professional and personal goals?

Right now, since I’ve completed my cookbook and course and they are available to help people, I’ve shifted a lot of my time and focus on being creative. That has always been my first love. I love writing and I love making people laugh, so now I’m just sort of putting all of my energy into figuring out how to make a true career of it. I also feel like I am doing the most by pursuing two careers, and I might be. But we only get one life, and I’m going to do both until I can’t anymore.

2. What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received throughout your career?

If you never ask, the answer is always no.

3. As a working mom of two busy twins boys, taking time for yourself is important! What do you enjoy doing when you have moments to yourself?

I’ve become a professional Netflix and chiller. I also love to do things like go to the movies, dine out with friends, and bike at the beach. I also work out several times a week. That is something that is very important to me for my mind and body.

4. Staying fit is a part of your lifestyle! What does your current fitness routine consist of?

Right now I do a nice mix of things which include hot yoga, reformer pilates, crossfire, bar method and running.

5. When you hit the gym, what are some items you always keep in your workout bag?

I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle.


6. You recently released your vegan cookbook! Can you share what the process was like creating your own recipe book?

It took many years but didn’t really feel like work. I love to cook so really I just played with food all the time and made notes of what I liked. The hardest part was learning a lot of the scientific information about a vegan diet in a way where I’d be able to share that information. It was very important to me to be able to share that information with others and not JUST provide the recipes.

7. Which recipes from your cookbook are perfect for on-the-go women with limited time to cook?

There are many smoothie recipes in the book which I think can be a great meal replacer. Also, my chili is super easy to throw together and so delicious.

8. What are some staple food items you always keep in your pantry?

I always keep things like brown rice and black beans around. Also, "not chicken" cubes, almond milk and tons of fruit.

9. What are your tips for those who want to eat a vegan diet but are on a budget?

Stay away from processed foods and stick to a whole foods diet. Also, visit your local farmers market.

10. Your followers are always in awe of your glowing complexion! What does your skincare routine consist of right now?

I use a night cream by Lumene, which I love. I also think drinking lots of water helps a ton.

11. How has the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT movement inspired you to keep living a healthy lifestyle?

My PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT tank top inspires me to live up to the name when I wear it while working out. I can’t make you guys look bad!

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