Bored With Water?

Water is one of our most basic needs, but drinking the recommended 6 to 8 glasses can get quite boring after a while. Why not make drinking water more fun by adding fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Infusion is the process of extracting chemical compounds or flavors from plant material into a solvent such as water, allowing the fruits of vegetables to soak in the water. This process enables nutrients to leak directly out of the fruit and into the water. Some nutritionists estimate that you get as much as 20% of the vitamin content of freshly squeezed fruit juice minus the extra calories. Because, fruits are naturally rich in antioxidants, you’ll be consuming a variety of natural antioxidants when you drink infused water, it’s like making your own “vitamin water” without the hidden ingredients.

There are many health benefits of drinking infused water including appetite control, hydration, immune defense, heartburn prevention, blood sugar regulation and weight management. Add a little oomph to your basic water by trying these tips. 

1. Add citrus! Lemon slices or lime slices is a classic way to add some flavor to your water.

2. Cucumbers are not just for face masks! Add a few slices of cucumber to your water pitcher and for a refreshing new taste.

3. Make it fruity!  Add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or whatever fruit your heart desires! It's best to let the fruit sit a few hours before drinking.

4. For those with a sweet tooth, honey is a great addition to water. This works best when the honey is added to hot water and then chilled.

5. Put it a cool glass on bottle! Sometimes it's what's on the outside that counts. Sipping on a cool cup of water gets better when it's in a fun cup. Try it! Pretty Girls Sweat water bottle, $10.

Aja Gatling is a 24 year old fitness enthusiast who loves to travel the world. The alumni of University of Westminster (London, UK) recently received her Master's degree in Music Business Management after relocating from New York to London in 2015. Her passion for writing began in high school as a health and fitness reporter for Teen Diaries/Pretty Girls Sweat. The former track runner and coach now operates as digital marketer and sales manager and has worked with artist nationally and internationally through her work at Sony Music, Live Nation and 2breal Media UK. She plans to bring PGS to the United Kingdom very soon!