The Best iPhone Update: How IOS10 Reminds You To Stay Healthy


In today's society, there is just about an app for everything. However, Apple's newest IOS10 feature has exceeded far beyond any current app. Their recent update includes a feature called Withings Health Mate, which allows iPhone users to monitor and track their fitness activity using the smartphone's sensors. After researching it for ourselves, here are the four key components that the app insists will get you on track to a healthier lifestyle. 


This aspect of the app keeps track of your daily fitness. It calculates how many steps you have taken, how much you’ve exercised, and what you did to exercise. After calculating these things, the app can then recommend possible workout tips to help you reach your fitness goals. 


By analyzing your sleep patterns, this feature helps you develop better sleeping habits. This might not seem helpful, but sleep plays a major role in health. Other apps such as Sleep Cycle pick up the sounds and movements of your sleep and can tell you whether you’re a restless sleeper or someone who gets in a good hibernation.


Taking some time to quiet your mind can make you less stressed and improve your health overall. With mindfulness, this aspect of the app allows you to set aside time for peace and relaxation. For Apple watch users, there is also a sister app called Breathe, which works similarly. 


Good eating doesn’t mean perfect eating! The nutrition section of the app keeps count of your calorie intake. Whether it's calories, carbs, or proteins, you will know approximately how much of each you’re taking in daily. 

The app also features options for you to become an organ donor with Donate Life America and allows you to store copies of your health records to make those trips to the doctors that much easier. Now that you know what the app has to offer, try taking advantage of the app to see if it can help you maintain a better lifestyle! Tell us about your favorite app and how it has bettered your life by commenting below. 

Ameerah de Chabert has always had a passion for writing amongst a love for the arts in general. She began to pursue this passion in the arts from just 2 years old. She went on to attend an arts high school where she majored in creative writing and minored in dance. Besides that, Ameerah is pursuing film and stage management as a career with journalism as a more personal pursuit to share stories and relate people to each other. So far, she has been able to do that by working with Vox Teen Communications and Pretty Girls Sweat. She is now entering university as a film major. The arts are very fundamental to Ameerah. She hopes to one day be a loud voice for artists and an advocate for the arts, and later on a voice in the fight for human rights and environmental sustainability.