BEHIND THE LENS: Makeup Tips for Girls With Glasses

Let’s be real. If you’re someone who wears makeup, wearing glasses can sometimes become a struggle. Either your makeup will go unnoticed or you may not even know how to style glasses to match up with your makeup. Here are some makeup tips to help wearing glasses much easier!

The way you style your eyebrows is a very important factor, when wearing glasses. If you are wearing glasses with bigger frames, you may want to go light on filling in your brows. You picked big frames for a reason, which probably was because you like the style of big glasses on your face; this will result in your brows not bringing as much attention so the the glasses can be the shining star of your look. However, if you are wearing tiny, skinny frames, you should go for a fuller look. Using your natural eyebrow color, stick with defining your natural arch.
This tip doesn’t apply to all. However, if you are one to wear a statement lip product, you may want to keep reading. It can be pretty obvious that when you wear a bold, powerful lip product your lips gain all of the attention. One way to avoid this is by skipping the bold lip and going for a more neutral hue with a glossy tint. Wearing a bold lip color will bring added attention to your face so it just might be a good idea to style a bold lip with glasses. It all depends on how your style is.
Do it all! Cat eyes, bold eye shadows, extra mascara, etc. You want all the attention to be directly on your eyes so that your glasses will now be the center of attention.
(TD Beauty Fun Fact: Make sure your eye makeup complements your face or else it will look overly dramatic or just cheap.)
Here are a two tips from the Office of Women’s Health:
1. Be sure to keep makeup containers closed tightly when not used.
2. Never share makeup. When you try makeup at a store, don’t apply it directly to the skin. Use a swap stick or sponge.
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