Beauty Influencer MakeupShayla Opens Up About Her Weight-Loss Journey Online


In the online beauty community, MakeupShayla is arguably the bossiest babe to ever do it. The YouTube star currently has over 679K subscribers (with 26+ million views) and has designed makeup products for all our favorite brands — from ColourPop to Tarte to even Maybelline.

Aside from sharing her passion for cosmetics and skin care with the world, Shayla has also vocalized that she’s a big fitness and nutrition enthusiast. Over the past year, the vlogger has consistently documented her workouts and food regimen to show her audience exactly how she’s managed to transform her body.

In a recent upload, Shayla provides a month-by-month look at her weight-loss transformation and let's fans in on her choice to try a Keto diet. According to, the Ketogenic diet is "a low-carb, high-fat diet [that] puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis." Once ketosis happens, it's reported that your body becomes "incredibly efficient" at burning stored fat as energy.

Sounds kind of cool, right? Some might say yes, but as with all things related to health, please be sure to connect with a medical professional to decide if this type of diet is suitable for you and your lifestyle. 

Check out the video below to clock Shay's amazing 7-month results!

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