Barry’s Bootcamp Sr. Instructor Ingrid S. Clay is on a Mission to Live Big and Boldly


On episode 33 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show, Ingrid S. Clay shares her journey from working at Gilette to changing lives as a Sr. Instructor at Barry's and how she took a leap of faith to pursue her destiny in the wellness industry.

Clay graduated with a degree in Physics from Xavier University, a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T University, and her MBA from Simmons College. Her science background influences the way she views her fitness and nutrition programs, making them more effective with lasting results. The Lafayette Louisiana born beauty lives by the philosophy that fitness is all-encompassing. For the body to perform at its optimum level, it must be fueled with the right foods. However, the drive, motivation, perseverance, and discipline come from the inner-being, inner-self, and soul.


You can follow Ingrid on Instagram at @ingridsclay. Learn more about her training and meal prepping services at



Fun Fact

“I started folding sweet dough pies at 3 with my grandma. I took my first cooking class at 6. I started so early. When I was 10, I invited my grandparents for dinner and I made oven-fried chicken, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, and peas,” Clay says.

On the biggest risk she ever took

"The biggest risk I ever took for myself was quitting. I was doing great there (Gilette). I got to travel and I loved the people there. But, there comes a point for me where I said ‘What is my purpose? I just reached a point where I didn’t know if this is what I should be doing for the rest of my life. I don’t feel like I am making any changes to anyone. I didn’t feel like an inspiration. I was making razors and asked myself ‘What am I doing?’ It was almost as if this can’t be it. I had my mid-life crisis at 26. It was my 26th birthday and I couldn’t breathe, I had anxiety and stayed in bed all day. So, quitting my job and trying to find what is my passion and purpose. I always felt like I was meant to be bigger. In a Lil Wayne song he says, ‘I feel big, like colossal.’ I felt my bigness was being shrunken down because I wasn’t living up to my potential of who I really am. So, I quit," Clay explains.  

On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her

"It means it’s all-encompassing. It means powerful women getting it done. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the classroom or sweating it out and lifting weights, it just means to me that you’re getting things done, girl," Clay says. 


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