ASK AESHIA | Whenever we talk, things get awkward


QUESTION | "I really like a boy and I’m not so sure if he likes me back. Every now and then he'll smile or say hi to me, but whenever we talk, things get extremely awkward. He went to one of my volleyball games and he cheered for me, but we’re not friends. I try to think positively and nothing is working. How do I talk to him without things getting too awkward?"

AESHIA'S ADVICE RELAX! Don’t take your interactions with him so seriously and things won’t get awkward. The next time he comes up to you say, “Hello” and he’ll probably say, “What’s up” back. Once the conversation starts rolling, be prepared to have something interesting to talk to him about (like how tough last week’s math test was, or if he’s heard Ferg’s latest song yet). The fact that he came up to you at your volleyball game speaks volumes. Most guys just don’t randomly spend their free time at high school volleyball games. It’s obvious that he came to scope you out. After the next game, ask him if he enjoyed the game, what was his favorite part, and maybe he can give you some tips on how you can improve your game. Guys like to feel needed and that their opinion matters. Asking him for advice will probably lead to an endless conversation that could result in a phone number exchange. #Winning.

Soon you’ll be texting and talking and maybe going on your first date. We’re getting the feeling that he’s kind of feeling you. He’s just not sure if you’re feeling him back because you’re too scared all the time when he approaches you. So, loosen up a bit and just BE YOU!

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