The Art of Letting Go

Friends come and go, but sometimes it's hard to let go or know when it's time to let go. Friendships are truly tested during high school and college so there might be several reasons why you and your friend don't have the relationship you used to. Maybe they started going down a path you'd rather not travel or you two simply have nothing in common anymore. Whatever the case might be, there is an art to letting go of friendships. These steps can help ease the dilemma:
1.      Have a one on one conversation. If it's possible to meet up one last time, do it! Ending things on a civil note is the mature thing to do. Make sure to address the issues and why it's best to no longer be friends.

2.      Accept the situation. Realize that it's better being apart from each other and the friendship has run its course. While it does hurt to lose a friend, there's a reason the friendship isn't going well. Coming to terms with this is vital when it comes to moving on. 

3.      Move on. After all is said and done, moving on is all that can be done. You'll always have the memories you two once shared, but life must go on. Letting go of one friend doesn't mean losing all your friends. Continue to strengthen bonds with close friends or even make some new ones. 
Have you ever had to let go of a friendship?

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