All About Europe's Biggest Party of the Year: Eurovision

When May arrives, lots of Europeans already know what's coming next: Eurovision Song Contest. That night, the Internet becomes the home of every pun and joke about the contest, friends and family gather together around the TV while watching and waiting for their countries to pop up on the screen.

Hold on a second... what is Eurovision? Eurovision arose in a devastated Europe after World War II. In 1955, the -by then- European Broadcasting Union searched for ways to bring Europe altogether, so they decided to create a European song contest that would have its first appearance on May 26, 1956.

The show starts with every country sending their artists who will do a live performance in the host country while it's being broadcasted live. By the end of all performances, people from each country can vote for their favorite contestants -but they can't vote for themselves- after the votes have been counted, a representative from each country, who usually are TV presenters or national celebrities, award 12 points to their favorite song, then 10 to the second favorite, and then scores from 8 down to 1 to another eight songs.

Lately, however, so many people have been complaining that people vote politically and not based on their true likes. (For example: France and the UK are known to not get along very well so it's possible that the British won't vote for France and vice versa).
Each year a different country hosts the contest, normally, the winning country will be the host country the following year.
However as the years go by, more and more countries outside Europe have requested their participation such as Israel, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia or Australia, which led to funny jokes like this one:

The first few decades of the contest, consisted of people being very patriotic during the contest and being overwhelmingly happy when their country would win, which gave them national pride. But nowadays, people basically take it as an outdated tradition or as a joke.

This happened because since the 2000s, countries have tried to win the vote by being the funniest contestant, instead of showing great songs. Here are a few examples of those moments that make you want to LOL:

When Spain dared to send this...

When Ukraine thought this was a good idea...

When the Finnish contestants weren't even human...

Last Saturday, Eurovision was held again ending with Sweden as a winner. Congrats to Mans Zelmerlow all Swedish people!

Have you ever heard of Eurovision? What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts below!

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