9 Gross Items in Your Home

Our homes provide the ultimate level of comfort. Everything is ordered, placed, and cleaned to our liking. Considering how much time we spend it our homes, it's a no brainer that you'd want it to be in the best shape as possible. From washing dishes to scrubbing the floors, you probably think you're cleaning everything necessary in your usual routine. But what about the little items within our homes that require the most sanitizing?
Believe it or not, the things in your home that you consider irrelevant may need to be in the forefront of your mind because of all the bacteria they accumulate. The light fixture to your room that you touch about four times a day may have more germs than the toilet seat you clean every week (gross, but true). Those small spots within your home may seem sanitary, but according to HGTV, they “can harbor all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria.” 
The following nine items in your home probably need some cleaning because they contain the most germs, so take note! 

1. Light Fixtures

A light fixture is one of the first things we touch when we enter a room, so most likely, the germs from your hands are now on the fixture. These small, basic switches are full of bacteria, so clean them weeekly with a wipe. These switches might appear spotless, but don’t be fooled. Be aware and make an attempt to get rid of the germs. 

2. Toilet Flush Valve

When we clean our bathrooms, we typically get the basics: the sink, the floors, the bathtub, and of course, the toilet. Since the toilet carries our waste, we make sure to clean the most obvious areas. However, many people (including myself) often forget to sanitize the toilet valve/button that flushes our waste. Each time you clean your toilet, don’t forget the valve. In public restrooms, a good rule of thumb is to flush the toilet using the bottom of your show to avoid contact with bacteria. 

3. Door Knobs

No matter how many times you sanitize them, our hands acquire all sorts of germs whether we are aware or not. These germs are transferred to the most common things we touch in our homes, such as door knobs. If possible, sanitize your doorknobs--or any type of handles--in and on the outside your home. 

4. Remote Control

Perhaps one of the most underrated household items, the remote control is also one of the dirtiest. Think about it. It’s been touched, on the floor, stuck in the sofa, sat on, and there’s no telling what else your remote has gone through. There's not much you can do to completely clean your remote because there are some parts that you just can’t reach (Networx). With that being said, it might be time to invest in a new one.

5. Any Electronics

Electronics are becoming our go-to’s for everything, so it’s only fitting to say that they are humongous germ carriers. Bacteria is always transferred to our hands, and since we rely on technology for work and leisure, that bacteria relocates to our phone, computer, tablet, keyboard, etc. With electronics that have a screen, clean them with lens cleaners that you utilize for glasses. For keyboards and other electronics without a screen, wipe them down on a weekly basis.

6. Your Bed

When is the last time you’ve changed your sheets, washed your pillows, or freshened your comforter? According to Daily Mail, “a third of a pillow could be made up of bugs, dead skin, dust mites, and their feces.” Regularly place those bedding materials in the washing machine every two weeks.

7. Coffee Maker

Depending on how much you drink coffee, your coffeemaker can be a farm full of gross bacteria. According to WebMD, “the part that holds the water is one of the germiest spots in the home because bacteria thrive in its dark, damp environment.” Along with that, if you don’t clean the coffee pot regularly, it can accumulate some unhealthy, gross germs. Here are some step-by-step instructions for cleaning.

8. Toothbrush

Our toothbrushes were created to clean our teeth, so imagine all the bacteria that's located on it from your mouth. There are ways to clean your toothbrush, but keep in mind that about every three months you should replace your old toothbrush with a new one.
Have any good ideas on how to clean these areas? Have another underrated household item that needs deep cleaning? Let us know in the comments below!
SOUL REPORTER | Shelby Wingate is a rising senior at Whitefield Academy in Mableton, Georgia. The extremely competitive athlete plays basketball and runs track for her school. While she does love sports, Shelby uses her competitive nature to excel in academics and will apply that same drive when she attends college to major in Journalism or Communications and minor in French.