9 Fitness Influencers Share Their Favorite Healthy Foods


Healthy living is about working out AND eating right. Whenever we have the chance to chat with our sweat sisters, we always like to ask them what nutritious snacks or meals they love to munch on before and after workouts. And since these ladies are serious about getting fit, we know that their go-to snack ideas and meal plans are always going to be A1.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 9 food tips from fitness influencers and trainers alike. From protein bars to pan-seared salmon, these ladies are sharing some of their favorite healthy foods that you’ll want to eat 24/7. Prepare for your mouth to water!

1. Rumble Boxing Trainer and Fitness Influencer Danielle Burrell


I love a good peanut-butter based protein shake!

2. Fitness Personality Christina “Ms. Basketball” Granville


I love fruit! Pineapples, grapes, oranges, and apples are my favorite.

3. PGS CAU Captain and Personal Trainer Kaedi Bowers


My go-to meal is often sweet potatoes, jerk chicken, and cabbage. When I'm on the run, I love grabbing a bite at "healthier" places like Chipotle and Moe's as well as Subway, Tropical Smoothie, and Herbalife Shakes.

4. Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur Tae-León

My favorite snacks are: oven roasted turkey breast, air popped popcorn, plain Cheerios, almond butter, multigrain crackers, fruit, almond milk, oatmeal, and protein bars!

5. On-Air Personality and Personal Trainer Laeann Amos


You will always find me munching on a lean protein such as ground turkey, chicken breast, seafood, green leafy veggies, and when I have those sweet tooth moments my go to is fresh fruit.

6. Certified Personal Trainer, Athlete, and Fitness Vlogger Vynnessa Smith


Usually, it’s a romaine salad with a protein (either chicken or shrimp), very light dressing and water. Afterward, I like to replenish with a protein shake and some sort of carb to refresh my energy stores.

7. Personal Trainer and Health Educator Salina Duggan


I love having a bowl of steel-cut oats mixed with banana, blueberries, and some honey drizzled on top. I really enjoy the Orgain Organic Protein (which is a plant-based protein powder). I put a scoop in with my water or almond milk, and it's a great source of protein post-workout!

8. Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Brittany Timpson


My favorite pre-workout meal is taco seasoned ground turkey with black beans and jasmine rice. I refuel with half of an avocado and two boiled eggs!

9. Personal Trainer Ndjèbayi Nadege


My pre-workout can be avocado toast, some turkey, and an apple or my favorite — peanut butter! My refuel? A full meal! My training sessions are often crazy, so after I NEED food — protein, veggies, and sometimes rice.

What are your favorite healthy snacks and meals? Let us know in the comments below!

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