8 Motivational Mantras To Get You Moving


You get home from work and you are super exhausted. All day long you have been saying you can’t wait to go home and go to bed.  You've kicked off your shoes, plopped onto the couch and decided to catch up on "Orange is the New Black". In the back of your mind rests the promise you made to yourself months ago that you would make time to exercise every day.
The secret to staying true to any goal in life is motivating yourself. A mantra should be something that stirs you into action when things feel tough. Check out some of the most inspiring fitspiration quotes to help get you off the sofa and excited about working out.
"Every journey begins with a single step."
“Clear your mind of can’t.”
"Know your limitations and defy them."
"Nothing hurts more than sitting on a couch."
"Strive for progress not perfection."
“If you think you can't, you won't, and if you think you can, you will.” 
“'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”
“This hill is tough, but I am tougher.”
Choose your favorite mantra and put it to use every day. Stay motivated!

Aja Gatling is the Co-founder/ COO of Gospelbreak.com. Though taking an untimely leave from competitively running track and field due to a serious injury, her love of the sport and overall fitness remains the same. Aja continues to be a health/ fitness enthusiast in her community, among peers, and in her family.