8 Easy Dorm Room Snacks and Dessert Recipes


As a college student, there's a lot of late nights, early mornings, and little time to waste. Going from lecture to lecture, I used to often crave a quick snack and head to the nearest vending machine in between classes. Even after a meal, I would find myself going out to get dessert. Once I realized how much money I was spending on snacks and desserts alone and all the junk I was consuming, I decided to start preparing treats from my dorm. All it takes is 5 minutes out of my day to fix something to satisfy my sweet tooth while also making sure that I'm maintaining a healthy diet. One thing I did notice about choosing healthy alternatives to munch on is that I have more energy and don't feel bad after I'm finished. 

 Whether you're someone who has a sweet tooth or just wants a tasty treat, these quick healthy snacks are for you! Here are 8 quick ones to satisfy your cravings.

1. Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

This classic duo will have your cravings satisfied in no time. Won't take you any longer than 5 minutes to prepare and you'll have your snack ready for class!

2. Guacamole

Can't go wrong with guacamole! This is a quick and easy recipe that you pair with chips or your favorite veggie. 

3. Cucumber Hummus Bites

The perfect low-calorie snack packed and a great way to add more water to your diet. This recipe adds a little twist to the regular cucumber and hummus dip!

4. Strawberries with Mint Yogurt Dip

Add a little flavor to strawberries with a light yummy dip. Check out this recipe to try it out.

5. Frozen Grapes

Another great way to stay hydrated! Frozen grapes are a great go-to snack. Just toss some in a bag, leave it in the freezer overnight, and they'll be ready the next day.

6. Warm Apples with Granola and Yogurt

Imagine having this tasty treat after a meal!  You'll be feeding your body tons of nutrients with this microwaved baked apple recipe.

7. Banana with Peanut Butter and Granola

A yummy way to satisfy mid-day or late night cravings and still maintain and healthy diet. Packed with protein, you can't go wrong with this treat.

8. Banana Ice Cream

What better way to get a great source of potassium? Here is an easy-to-make recipe that only requires ONE ingredient. You can always finish it off with any of your favorite topics!

Give these recipes a try and make sure to comment below your favorite!

Veronica Rushton is a 21-year old junior at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media and Global Black Studies. The Miami, Fl native enjoys writing and uses this creative outlet to populate her lifestyle and college blog loveveronicaxo.com. After undergrad, she plans to receive her master's degree, turn her blog into a brand/business, and pursue a career as a television/film producer. When she is not balancing blogging with school, she is looking for new music, reading, or researching random topics.