7 Simple Ways to Be a Nice Person to Others


Every November, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT delivers our 7-Day #ActsOfKindness challenge! The #ActsOfKindess initiative is us challenging YOU to make our world a little bit brighter. Your good deeds shouldn't just last for the week though—we want this challenge to inspire our #SweatSisters to make lifestyle changes and become dedicated and committed to becoming the change we all wish to see in the world. Up for the challenge? Then keep reading down below for 7 simple ways to be a kinder person! 


1. Lend a Hand

If you see someone in need, offer a helping hand. Whether it's catching a door for someone or picking someone up when they're down, make sure the people around you know that they're never alone!

2. Compliment Others


Genuine compliments are the easiest way to make someone's day! This week, let another #SweatSister know that her effort isn't going unnoticed!

3. Remember Your Manners

Always make sure to be courteous to everyone you come across. Offer warm greetings to everyone you interact with, and remember that 'Please and Thank You' can go very far! 

4. Smile

Your smile is your best feature! Giving a friendly and welcoming smile to everyone you see lets others know that they can be comfortable around you! 

5. Think Positive

You become what you think about, so you should always think positive! Be a bit more mindful of your thoughts this week, and you'll see your whole reality change!

6. Rise Above the Negative

You can not control the actions of others, but your reaction makes all of the difference! Focus on what's important and leave everything else that does not serve you (drama, cattiness, and negativity) in the dust!

7. Pour into Yourself


Last but not least, make sure that you're being kind to yourself as well. Take some time to breathe, relax, and practice some self-care. When you're feeling good on the inside, your inner light will always radiate outwards!  

Olivia Marjorae is a rising junior at the illustrious Xavier University of Louisiana, studying Political Science with aspirations of becoming an Attorney. Olivia has a passion for journalism and creative writing, reading, and poetry. Olivia is a former member of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT CAU, and seeks to promote sisterhood and empowerment amongst other young women in all that she does.