7 Game-Changing Female Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow on Instagram


From yogis to personal trainers, Instagram’s ever-evolving fitness community is filled with thousands of aspiring health gurus and professionals alike. Day in and day out, whether it's through our own IG feeds or the infamous "explore page," there's no escaping the heart-pumping fitspiration they provide — especially from the ladies! Many of our favs have remarkable backstories, while others are just downright motivating to watch. Need an example? We've got seven! Ahead, keep scrolling for a roundup of some of the hottest SWEATlebrities we're forever eyeing and that we KNOW you'll want to follow too!

1. Quiana Welch

Quiana Welch is an Olympic weightlifter and American Open Champion who also loves CrossFit! If nothing else, Quiana’s impressive videos of her intense weight lifting and workout sessions are sure to inspire you.

2. Nicole Monroe

This Texas-based fitness influencer has over 182K followers and her feed shows us why! It's jam-packed with ab, squat, and weight lifting workouts — plus several cameos of other high-profile Sweat Sisters, you know, in case Monroe's motivation isn't enough!

3. Triona Roberts

Triona's colorful account has something for everyone — from empowering quotes to meal-prep ideas to the latest in athleisure gear. This October, she's challenging followers to join in the fight against Breast Cancer on her sixth annual "Flex 4 The Fight Tour." For more details and how to participate, click here.

4. Dená

If you're in Houston, you must get to know Dená who shows us that breaking a sweat can be done anywhere! No gym membership? No problem — she's proof that all you really need is an open area and a drive to succeed.

5. Nards

Nards is a popular trainer, wellness coach, and all-around fitness motivator! Previously known by the account @fitdastruggle, she continues to share healthy meal recipes and targeted body exercises via @getupnation — while also throwing some "mommy moments" into the mix. 

6. Manissa Montour

Manissa is a 24-year-old NYC-based fitness fanatic with over 165K followers. Her passion? Making exercise fun and affordable for her community — our kind of gal! Her gains are pretty incredible, too. Check them out here

7. Adrianne V.

Adrianne V. is U.S. Army veteran turned health and wellness expert based in Austin, Texas. As the founder of her own personal coaching business, she teaches clients how to "#DigDeepDaily" all while keeping them accountable through personalized fitness programs. 

To keep up with our growing list of must-know influencers, be sure to tune in to our show “Who We’re Sweating This Week” on IGTV — it's where we highlight six women who are using their platform to promote health and wellness every week!

Who are some of your favorite health influencers, Sweat Sisters? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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