7 Beauty Terms You Should Learn Today


When it comes to beauty, let’s just say, it’s not easy keeping up with all of the lingo and slang that comes along with it. Nevertheless, stay up to date with all of the words and terms you need to be beauty savvy with this classic Beauty Dictionary!



1. Pigmented

A product giving off rich color quality, generally true to color while providing a vibrant color tone.

2. Swatch

Usually when examining particular color quality or consistency, one “swatches” the product to test its quality. Tested on hands or face.

3. Matte

When makeup is referred to as matte, the consistency is flat, giving no shine, shimmer or rich moisture.

4. “Hitting Pan”

A fancy term for reaching the pan lining of your product, usually found in pressed powders.

5. Baking / Cooking

No not cupcakes! Many refer to baking/cooking as using setting powder to add a more flawless finish after sitting on your skin to elongate the lasting power of your makeup.

6. Opaque

Another word for nontransparent or unable to see through.

7. Dupe

(Short for Duplicate.) A term used to explain a similar product, usually in comparison between high-end and low-end products.
These are just a few beauty terms and phrases used regarding makeup and skincare. What other words do you use? Leave them in the comments below!


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