7 Beauty Instas to Follow Right Now


When it comes to Instagram, we all need a little beauty inspiration! Whether it be for makeup looks or just a new artist to stalk… check out these 7 amazing Instas for all things beauty!
1. @makeupshayla
This well known makeup artist is recognized all over the industry for her work with top celebrity clients like Real housewives of Atlanta star Portia Stewart and Basketball Wives LA personality Brandi Maxiell. Shayla not only values her work in the beauty world, but also enjoys informing others about various tips and tricks for success in makeup, skincare and beauty as a whole.

2. @RavenElyse
Known in the world of YouTube, Raven is the go-to expert for all things flawless. Makeup is not easy however; Raven tends to make things a bit more achievable for beauty newbies. Trust me, she works miracles!

3. @LiaMonet
The hair color goddess and the makeup slayer herself! Ms. Monet not only shuts it down in the makeup department, but she’s known to change up her look quite a bit. Let’s just say you’ll never get bored with her rare, yet unique, looks.

4. @MissyLynn_
Renounced YouTuber turned creator! Missy is the perfect person to follow for that soft glam inspiration with a bit of an edge. In fact, Missy Lynn is set to release her Missy Lynn Lipstick collection with BH Cosmetics very soon! The colors range from deep plum tones to simplistic nudes.

 5. @Adrienne_Bailon
Let’s be REAL, Adrianna Bailon always raises the bar when it comes to fashion and beauty! It’s only right we feature her in this lineup. I mean, come on…It’s truly an art to be this beat 24/7, wouldn’t you agree?

6. @Linnnh
Can you say lippie queen? Linh can make just about any lipstick look amazing. She is famous for her signature look featuring an intense smokey eye, and dramatic liner with a unique matte lippie.  

7. @AmandaEnsing
For those who love that full-faced glam, Amanda is iconic for her dramatic makeup looks. Every look has that natural touch with beautifully vivid features.
These are just a few people who leave their touch of inspiration on Instagram! IG is such an amazing platform to express your passions so be sure to engage.
Who are some of your favorite beauty inspirations you follow?

TEEN REPORTER | Bobbi Watts is a student studying journalism at the University of Missouri - Columbia. She is the proud daughter of Victor Watts and Sheila Williams and the youngest of 3 girls. Most of all, the 19-year-old is passionate about all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle related and as a result, she launched her own blog, WattsAvenue.com. With a dream of someday taking over the magazine industry, the avid writer is eager to develop the tools and experience to defy all odds and work her way to the top.