6 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving may seem like the day to ditch your diet and indulge in your favorite holiday foods, but making a few quick simple changes to your holiday menu will save you up to 2,000 calories—without missing out on the flavor! Essentially, a “calorie,” is a measure of food and is often used for weight loss or weight gain.
According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American will consume 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. However, a few ingredient swaps will still allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods while being able to fit into a new pair of jeans just in time for Black Friday!
Read on for six tips to have a healthy yet tasty Thanksgiving this year!
1. Swap dark meat for white meat
If you are a turkey fan, well dark turkey meat has twice as much fat compared to white turkey breast—and approximately about forty percent more calories. By simply replacing three ounces of dark turkey meat and skin, which has 147 calories with three ounces of turkey breast, you’ll save 50 calories.
2. Swap traditional mashed potatoes for Greek Yogurt
Mashed potatoes are often a Thanksgiving staple on dinner tables. However, a cup of home-style mashed potatoes has over 220 calories. A similar just as tasty recipe made with two percent milk, nonfat Greek yogurt and only three tablespoons of butter only has 112 calories.
3. Swap Greek yogurt for sour cream when making dip
An ounce of sour cream has nearly 54 calories, yet the same amount of plain nonfat Greek yogurt has about six calories. Just alone here, you’re saving 38 calories!
4. Swap pecan pie for pumpkin pie
Without a doubt, pecan and pumpkin pie are both Thanksgiving favorites. However, swapping one slice of pecan pie which totals 806 calories with one slice of pumpkin pie saves you 541 calories. With only about 265 calories per slice, pumpkin pies will have your taste buds feeling guilt-free!
5. Swap eggnog for apple cider
Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, often eggnog is provided along with other beverages. But, one cup of eggnog has 223 calories. Instead, reach for a glass of apple cider, which only has 120 calories.
6. Swap a slice of apple pie with one baked apple topped with whipped cream
Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream is one of the best desserts after a great Thanksgiving dinner. But one slice paired with ice cream has roughly 448 calories. However, one baked apple pie with one-teaspoon brown sugar, butter and cinnamon topped with whipped cream has only 171 calories.
You can still have a delicious Thanksgiving meal without going overboard on what you eat. For reassurance, here are a few more tips just in case!
·      Eat in moderation
·      Eat slowly and chew your food well
·      Stick to your exercise routine. If your gym is closed on Thanksgiving Day, head outside for a nice walk with family.
·      Be mindful of the number of plates you make
·      Most of all… enjoy your time with family and friends!
What’s on your Thanksgiving menu? Let us know!

TEEN REPORTER | Ajea Nicole is a junior at Lasell College located in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, the 20 year-old loves every aspect of the journalistic world including topics related to fitness, fashion, style, social media and more. In her spare time she appreciates travel, blogging, discovering new food and reading great books.