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6 Things I've Learned in One Month of Interning


Working in my aspiring field outside of school was a goal of mine since my sophomore year of college. It was not easy trying to finding a journalism internship because I had no experience besides writing for my school newspaper and running a personal blog. At the beginning of 2017, I made the decision to apply for an editorial internship position at PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT and in May I was offered the opportunity! It has only been a month since I have started and the amount of growth I have seen in my work and myself has been incredible.

Here are six things I have learned:

1. Time management

Having to balance classes, work, extracurricular activities, and my internship squeezed me into a tight schedule. To keep it all the way real, before this internship, time and I weren’t the best of friends, and I often found myself not performing at my best. Eventually, I had to sit down and recreate a new schedule that could fit in everything that I need to do and everything I want to do.

When it comes to time management, I love to use my Passion Planner. I ordered it last December and I can honestly say that I have seen a significant difference in my productivity. The planner allows me to break down my days by time, monitor habits, map out my goals and reflect on my week. I use my Sundays to plan the upcoming seven days. To see my weekly schedule in black and white makes everything less stressful. 

2. Confidence

Transitioning from writing for a small personal blog to a platform that has a large following and has been featured on many popular news outlets made me a little intimidated. I did not know if my work would be good enough and if I would meet all of the media company's expectations. There are still times where I will feel a little hesitant about my abilities, but luckily, I collaborate with an amazing team that is always willing to give constructive criticism to help me out.

3. Have an end goal in mind

Whenever I come up with content, I must ask myself “how is this going to help young women and girls better themselves?” When I applied for the editorial position, my end goal was to help and inspire others through writing. I am all for fitness, health, and self-care. I want to make sure that anyone who reads my articles can take away from them. Having an end goal has helped me to plan content.

4. Pay attention to detail

Being an editorial intern requires a lot of research, and because I am giving information, I have to make sure everything is accurate. Even the details that I felt would not make a huge difference, does. It is important to remain credible especially in fields like journalism.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

When I started interning, I eventually had to let certain things go so that I could put more time into my position. At first, I tried to balance everything, and I realized that I was burning myself out. I was practicing self-care before but came to realize the full importance of it and why you need balance in life.

6. It’s a humbling experience

I never really did anything outside of class and work since I started college. Seeing my first post up on the website was exciting because I felt like I was moving forward outside of my college career. I have gained so much knowledge and in just one month and I am excited for what is ahead.

I am more than happy to be learning and growing from this opportunity. After figuring out how to balance everything in my life, it became a great experience. In just one month, I have learned not only more about what it means to be a journalist, but I have also learned that I have chosen the right field to pursue.

Have you interned or are you interning? What are some things you have learned from your internships? Comment below!

Veronica Rushton is a 21-year old junior at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media and Global Black Studies. The Miami, Fl native enjoys writing and uses this creative outlet to populate her lifestyle and college blog After undergrad, she plans to receive her master's degree, turn her blog into a brand/business, and pursue a career as a television/film producer. When she is not balancing blogging with school, she is looking for new music, reading, or researching random topics.