6 PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Approved Workout Playlists You Need To Listen To


What’s a workout without the proper tunes? Listening to your favorite artist’s newest song or hearing nostalgic throwbacks can help you stay focused and amped up during your sweat sessions. On our Spotify account we serve up weekly, 11-track playlists (in honor of the year PGS was founded, 2011!) tailored to meet the workouts of our Sweat Sisters whether they’re breaking a sweat practicing yoga or going for an intense run. Check out six of the latest PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT workout playlists:

1. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Artists Under 25 Workout Playlist

We're putting a spotlight on artists that are young and gettin' it in the music industry! Enjoy the sounds of these artists who have yet to turn 25, but are making major moves during your next sweat session:

2. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Grammy Girls Workout Playlist

The 2018 Grammy's may have already passed, but that doesn't mean we can't listen to the hit songs of women who will now have "Grammy-winning artist" in front of their names. Here are 11 sweat-worthy tracks by a few of our favorite award winning ladies:

3. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Girl Boss Workout Playlist

Get pumped up and break a sweat to these 11 upbeat songs sung by some of the fiercest girl bosses in the music industry:

4. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT R&B Divas Workout Playlist

Vibe out to the sounds of the most soulful R&B songstresses during your next sweat session:

5. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Aaliyah Inspired Workout Playlist

To celebrate Aaliyah's birthday on January 16th we served up 11 workout-worthy tracks by the baby girl better known as Aaliyah (*Timbaland voice*), as well as songs by artists inspired by the songstress:

6. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT New Year, New Tunes Workout Playlist

Turn up during your 2018 sweat sessions with these recently released Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop hits:

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