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5 Young Black Actresses Changing the Face of Entertainment


Young female moguls are changing the way we view the world in reality and on our TVs. Not only are they thriving in the entertainment industry, but exercising their other skills and depths of knowledge to create a new image for the world. Entertainment is always evolving, and these five black actresses are doing their part to help it do just that:


Yara Shahidi

Fresh off her 18th birthday, Yara elevated her status after being accepted into Harvard University and landing Black-ish spin-off, Grown-ish. The politically passionate TV star desires to reform and create laws that change the injustices of society, specifically regarding minorities. To celebrate her recent birthday she threw a party in which influential teens such as herself registered to vote. Catch this beauty at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays as Zoe or in real life as a political activist.

Zendaya Coleman

Fashion has been taken to another level thanks to the star of K.C. Undercover. Zendaya always graces the red carpet with a look by her stylist Law Roach (@luxurylaw), and you can check her out in recent pictures killing it at New York Fashion Week. As a model, actress, and singer, the triple-threat has gained a lot of experience under her belt since her Disney days and uses her platform to champion the idea of black women transforming entertainment.

Marsai Martin

The 13-year-old Black-ish actress is elevating her talent this year and isn't letting her age defy her passions and purpose in life. Not only did she land a feature role in the new film, Little, but she's earning producing credit as well. A Madamenoire cited Martin received this credit because she came up with the script and pitched the idea. Keep your eyes on Marsai because it's great to learn from girl bosses of all ages!

Amandla Stenberg

Gender and sexual fluid actress Amandla Stenberg is the voice for young girls who don't want to subject themselves to labels set by society. The NYU film student has coauthored books, starred in iconic works such as Everything, Everything, and desires to present her passion for activism in her acting. One of our favorite Amandla quotes: "What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?"

Storm Reid

The A Wrinkle In Time star who played a feature role in the Academy Award-winning film, Twelve Years a Slave, has dreams of being a future filmmaker. Already exposed to the depths of issues such as racism, bullying, and segregation, the 14-year-old pushes positive messages on her social platforms. "We're all inspiring girls of color and African American people to see that they're powerful, and to know they can be on screen - that they are not just a stereotype and they can be so much more powerful than they see and believe," Reid said. 

If these five young women can make such an impact in the entertainment industry, imagine what you could do in your own field or with your passion! Check out this video of Storm Reid discussing A Wrinkle in Time:

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Elon Graves is an 18-year-old with eager plans to change the world. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University with a major in journalism focus in PR and minor in Spanish. Elon has worked for Pretty Girls Sweat as both a Teen Diaries Writer and Social Media/Editorial Intern. Along with writing, Elon takes up a passion for the arts through dance. She is also a member of Next Generation Service Corps, a rigorous program that develops students to be leaders in all sectors of business. The artistic writer and dancer has plans to use her platform to bring more opportunities to young people in the future.