5 Ways to Beat Sweater Weather Chills


It seems like it was just yesterday when everyone was enjoying the fun and hot days of the summer. Now that winter is among us, those days of shorts and flip-flops are long behind us. However, just because there is a drop in temperature, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate.  Here are some ways to combat  the freezing weather until next spring.

1. Stray Away From Hot Drinks

Warmer drinks can actually decrease your body temperature in efforts to counteract the heat of the drink. It would be best to stay away from that hot espresso and opt for more tepid drinks like warm water or tea in order to keep warm! Warm water actually increases your body temperature and also contributes to a faster metabolic rate, according to the Huffington Post.

2. Wear White

It's common knowledge that wearing white is the best choice in warmer seasons so that the sunlight can reflect as opposed to absorbing into your clothing. It turns out, the same logic may apply to your body heat. Instead of absorbing your body heat and releasing it into the atmosphere, white clothing may actually aid in the retention of your body heat.

3. Layers, Layers, Layers

Tired of bulking yourself up in the cold weather, just to walk into a heated and stuffy room? Layers are always your best friend! Instead of wearing one or two big coats, try wearing more mobile clothing pieces like scarves, thin windbreakers, and hats in order to keep yourself in the appropriate attire in any temperature.

4. Hand-warming Packs

Carrying around warm hand packs in your jacket or coat pockets is never a bad idea, especially if you opt out of gloves during these seasons. They are usually long-lasting and will keep you nice and cozy without sacrificing fashion for warmth!

5. Get Enough Sleep

Ironically enough, sleep plays a major factor in your chills! According to the Boston Globe, staying up well into morning hours can affect your body's circadian rhythms, causing you to face a drop in body temperature in the morning while you are tired due to need to maintain body temperature for longer periods of time. It's crucial to follow a solid sleep schedule, particularly in the winter in order to maximize warmth!

Don’t let the winter bring you down. Simply bundle up and get moving. What are some ways in which you like to stay warm during the winter? Let us know by commenting below. 

Sally Kim is a pensive high school junior living in San Jose, CA who takes pride in being a Green-Gold ISTJ. In 2011, Kim created a blog dedicated to self-discovery, which has catapulted her interest in writing. Outside of her dedication to FBLA, Yearbook, and leadership, Kim likes to explore Korean culture through cinema and music, learn more about social justice issues, and admire the weather. After high school, she hopes to prepare for a medical career while maintaining a strong connection with writing and journalism. Take a better look into her life on Instagram @sallykim28.