5 Tips To Survive Allergy Season

Most people can hardly wait for the arrival of warm weather after being cooped up indoors from the cold, but along with the warm weather comes pollens and molds that plague seasonal allergy sufferers. While it’s not really shocking that warmer weather throughout the year means a longer allergy season, what is surprising is that symptoms are getting more intense.
Make this Spring/Summer more enjoyable by reducing your allergy symptoms with these key survival tips below:
1) Keep windows and doors shut. Screens will not keep out tiny pollens and molds that find their way to your eyes and nose even while inside the house. Consider running the air conditioner earlier in the year if it gets stuffy.
2) Keep the car windows up. When in your car, keep your windows up. If you can adjust your vents to re-circulate inter-compartment air, do so.
3) Time outdoor activities properly. Try to avoid outdoor activities in the early and mid-morning hours. Pollen counts tend to be higher in the morning. Remove your clothing and shower immediately after going back in the house to avoid build up in your clothes that will trigger symptoms. 
4) Take your antihistamines. Non-drowsy antihistamines are preferred, prescription nasal sprays have also become key players in managing nasal allergies. Many people have discovered that sinus drainage and congestion is greatly reduced by nasal rinses.
5) Visit your doctor. Talk to your doctor about starting your allergy medications before the pollens and molds get underway.
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Aja Gatling is a 24 year old fitness enthusiast who loves to travel the world. The alumni of University of Westminster (London, UK) recently received her Master's degree in Music Business Management after relocating from New York to London in 2015. Her passion for writing began in high school as a health and fitness reporter for Teen Diaries/Pretty Girls Sweat. The former track runner and coach now operates as digital marketer and sales manager and has worked with artist nationally and internationally through her work at Sony Music, Live Nation and 2breal Media UK. She plans to bring PGS to the United Kingdom very soon!