5 Things I Did To Fight Stomach Bloating and How It Changed My Life in a Week


I used to be mortified of how bloated my stomach would get! How could someone who leads a healthy lifestyle always have these problems? I was sure to eat my veggies, drink water, and work out 5 times a week or more. Nothing I did would help. For anyone who can relate, you know the problem is more than how you look, but how uncomfortable bloating makes you feel!

Turns out, the solution was simple. Here are 5 natural ways that I completely eliminated regular stomach bloating and felt healthier within a week.

1. The 7-day FODMAP Diet

The FODMAP diet isn’t really a diet at all. It’s a way of eating that eliminates hard-to-digest carbohydrates and slowly reintroduces foods back into your diet. After 7 days, add one food at a time until you find the culprit. To my surprise, many healthy foods (apples, beans, broccoli, etc.) were part of the cause of my constant bloating. This chart is a list of low FodMAP foods to try.

2. Say bye-bye to fake sugar and chewing gum!

As an avid gum-chewer, I was devastated. However, zero calorie sweeteners and chewing gum signal your body to begin the digestion process and release acid into your stomach. If there’s no food to digest, what happens? Major bloating.

3. Probiotics are your friend

Put in simple terms, probiotics fight “bad bacteria” in your gut by introducing “good bacteria.” Probiotics are found naturally in foods, but sometimes our bodies need a little extra help! I have used Florastor and it’s done wonders. For more information, find their website here.

4. Ginger, ginger, ginger!

Ginger is Earth's natural anti-inflammatory! According to Doctors Health Press, ginger helps the body digest more nutrients and relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. I have ginger tea with my meals to help calm my stomach and prevent post-meal bloating.

5. Decrease your salt, and increase your sweat!

Too much salt will result in water-bloat. Your body is likely to hold on to excess water if you consume salt frequently. Most processed foods, restaurant meals, and canned food have high-sodium content (and other tummy-health enemies). The best way to cure this? Sweat it out, and drink lots of water!

If you dedicate yourself to trying these 5 anti-bloat hacks, you’ll notice a big difference in your tummy and overall health! Besides, who wants to feel lethargic, uncomfortable, and self-conscious when bloating is something so-easily fixed?

Note: If you experience extreme symptoms without improvement, see a doctor to ensure there is no underlying cause.

SWEAT REPORTER | Paytra is a musician and writer out of New York City. She moved from a small town in Michigan at age 16 to pursue her dreams, and has been making her mark in the Big Apple ever since! She is a Business Management major and double-certified personal trainer with 6 years experience, so she loves to write about all things nutrition/fitness. You can find her in the studio, at the gym, writing in her journal, or playing piano: and if all else fails, she’s hitting up her favorite coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan! site: