5 Simple Ways To Complete The Tasks On Your To-Do List


Do you make to-do lists but struggle to complete the tasks? You are not alone. According to Vitalsmarts, 60% of people do not finish the assignments on their to-do list. As a busy college student, I always make a to-do list at the start of my day, but never seem to be able to finish every task. As time has gone on, I have discovered a few tricks that have helped me boost my productivity. Ahead, I will share five tips that allow me to complete the majority of my tasks every day.

1. Prioritize

On your to-do list, rank the tasks in order of importance. I normally have ten tasks on my to-do list. The numbers one through five are the duties I need to finish immediately. Six through ten are tasks that I can start later. By using this method, I know what can wait and what cannot wait. I highly suggest implementing this method.

2. Realize Every Task Will Not Get Done

It's important to be realistic about your list. Many of us are juggling various responsibilities (from work to school), so it's not possible to knock out our entire to-do list in one day. Recognize that not getting everything done is normal and that you shouldn't stress over it.

3. Schedule Rest Time

After completing a task, give yourself a break. By taking a moment to rest your mind in between duties, you can prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed and burnt-out.

4. Eliminate Distractions

In order to get things done efficiently, you need to block out any distractions. You can achieve uninterrupted focus by sitting alone in a quiet room. You can also hide objects–like your cell phone–that will divert your attention. 

5. Set Time Blocks or a Timer

Designate a set time in your day for the activities on your to-do list. If an assignment on your to-do list will take an hour, then block out an hour for the task. You can also set a timer for the duration of the job. The timer will ring once the time allotted for the task is up. The alarm will remind you to finish working on the project and move on to the next activity on the to-do list.

If you approach your to-do list with these methods in mind, I guarantee success. Keep in mind that there are just 24 hours in a day. We can only achieve tasks within that time limit. Do not beat yourself up because you did not finish your to-do list. You can always try again tomorrow.

What are other ways to make sure you complete tasks on your to-do list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Zakiya Payne is a Multimedia Journalism major at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. The first-generation student enjoys writing in her journal, telling corny jokes, and shopping! A Mantra that she repeats daily is, “I am busy becoming the woman of my dreams!”