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5 Quick Tips To Upgrade Your Instagram Feed


Who doesn't want an Instagram feed that everyone aspires to? But it can be hard to find a theme or aesthetic that fits who you are when you don't know where to start. If you want to achieve one of the best looking Instagram feeds try these five tips to upgrade it to the next level: 

Use your Archives

Using the new Instagram update to archive your photos can allow you to start over. The archive button saves not only the picture, but the whole history of the post including comments and likes. So instead of having to create a new account or delete a bunch of photos, you can put them in your archives for only you to see.

Your Theme

Your theme is the overall feel people will take away when scrolling through your feed. Whatever theme you choose should emulate your personality. Think about what you love and make that apart from your feed. For example, the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT feed is full of soul, savory foods, sweat and style inspo, sweatlebrities, and music posts!

The Filter

Great lighting makes anyone sparkle, but sometimes our pictures need a little touching up. If you’re trying to make your feed fit together, finding a filter that matches your aesthetic can change the game! Choosing the right one may not be easy, but the app VSCO allows you to edit and revamp your pictures to your liking.

The Layout

The layout of your feed is often what gets the least love on Instagram because it's the look as a whole. If you choose to pick a filter, stick to it so that the flow of your layout is continuous and visually appealing. You also want to keep the types of posts balanced. Take @asiyami_gold for example, she does a great job of matching her filter to her theme and balancing the content. There are plenty of grid layouts to choose from to complement your filter and theme. Checkout this post to see some of the different types you can achieve. 

Schedule Your Posts

If you want to reach a larger audience with your posts, pay attention to when most of your followers are logged in. If you check your analytics you will be able to find detailed information about your followers' habits. 

The process of upgrading your feed may seem overwhelming, but these quick tips will have your feed on the next level in no time! The goal is to be YOU, so do that, and the rest will come together one post at a time. Tell us how you plan to upgrade your Instagram feed in the comments below!

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