5 Healthy Ways To Deal With Haters


Haters gonna hate, right?

We've all heard the saying; however, that doesn't mean that it stings any less when people intentionally set out to make us feel bad for no apparent reason. Take it from me, an actress and singer — I recently dealt with my own run-in with someone, and although I consider myself super confident and self-assured, I couldn't help but question if at least one thing the person had said was right. Perhaps they just don't see the vision, which has nothing to do with me, but somehow them saying "you're never going to make it" and "you're not good enough" stuck in my head. 

No one deserves that. No one deserves to be bullied. And while it's hard not to take these things personally, your worth isn't measured by the opinions of others. Jealousy, anger, and regret serve as fuel for haters to tear you down in the hopes that they'll start feeling better themselves. Don't let hate win!

If you've found yourself in a similar situation, here are five healthy ways I cope, and ultimately, move on from it. 

1. Take a phone break.

It's easy to let anxiety and frustration take over when there are so many opinions being thrown at us online. So, set your phone down and log off social media to focus on you. If you feel hurt or angry, there's no need to answer back right now (or ever for that matter). Enjoy a day/night to yourself doing something that makes YOU happy. 

2. Go for a run. 

For me, there's no better relief from drama than a run. Not only does it help clear my head, but it also does wonders to restore confidence. After all, who doesn't feel great after clocking in a mile or two (or three)?! You'll be way too hype to feel upset when you're focused on getting in a good sweat all while blasting your favorite music. Beyoncé anyone?

3. Have some "girl time" with friends.

I'm someone who believes that a little self-love can go a long way. So, my favorite way to unwind and pamper myself is a spa night with friends! Add snacks like (healthier) home-baked brownies or a few scoops of ice cream and you're practically guaranteed to have a good time.

4. Sing and dance it out.

When all else fails, find your speaker and blast some upbeat tunes. Sing and dance your heart out until you can’t even hear the negativity in your mind! I bet it'll take you no time at all to find a great song with lyrics that describe exactly how you feel because guess what? Celebrities and musicians deal with haters every single day of their lives! You’re beautiful, and there’s nobody that can take your happiness away.

5. Practice forgiveness.

There's an old saying that goes "hurt people hurt people." I believe this 110%. If someone is perfectly happy and content with their life, they'd have absolutely no reason to bring you or anyone else down. Think about how sad this person must be if they need to hurt you to make themselves feel better. Ain't nobody got time for negative energy in their life, keep shining! And while it may be hard, try your hardest to forgive them and move on in your own way, on your own time. 

I've been through it, and I know how poisonous hate and haters can be for the mind. For me, the key to overcoming negativity is assuming that it might happen at least once in your life, and then finding positive ways to deal. Bullying is a very serious problem in society, and if it becomes a problem for you, I also encourage you to talk to someone you trust who can offer advice. You got this, sis! is a government-regulated website that provides education, support, and resources to help prevent bullying. Click here to learn more and, if needed, get help now. 

SWEAT REPORTER | Paytra is a musician and writer out of New York City. She moved from a small town in Michigan at age 16 to pursue her dreams, and has been making her mark in the Big Apple ever since! She is a Business Management major and double-certified personal trainer with 6 years experience, so she loves to write about all things nutrition/fitness. You can find her in the studio, at the gym, writing in her journal, or playing piano: and if all else fails, she’s hitting up her favorite coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan! site: