5 Green Flags to Look For in a Romantic Partner


Healthy relationships exist. I know that statement may be hard to believe because of the toxic celebrity couples we see on social media and stories we hear from our peers. But, in the world, there are plenty of people enjoying healthy and happy partnerships. When discussing romance, many of us spend time talking about a lousy relationship's red flags but not the positive signs of a good relationship. Ahead, I'm sharing five green flags to look for in a romantic partner.

What Is A Green Flag?

A green flag is a good characteristic found in a person. In this case, these are the positive traits your partner displays.

1. Good Listener

A partner that listens to you is a partner that cares. They are also willing to support you through the issues you have. A partner that is genuinely listening would also be able to hold an engaging conversation with you. They would respond to you with phrases such as, "So you said that." or "Can you repeat that statement?" You and your partner can be good listeners by dedicating a chunk of your day to talk and listen to each other. 

2. Does Not Yell

A partner who talks through disagreements in a calming tone shows that they are respectful and have self-control. They recognize that yelling does not solve anything and know how to navigate conversations constructively. A partner that does not raise their voice in an angry tone is a reassurance to their partner. Their partner does not have to be afraid of any outbursts or rages. 

3. Affectionate


Hugging, holding hands, and cuddling are significant signs of an affectionate partner. A partner that displays affection says a lot about how they feel about their partner. Affection demonstrates loyalty, commitment, and dedication. The receiver of the affection will be flattered and will continue to enjoy the relationship and reciprocate those feelings. 

4. Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the essence of romance. Being vulnerable allows your partner to open themselves up to love even though there is a chance they may get hurt. A relationship where both partners are vulnerable is fantastic. It shows that love is present and that they trust each other with their hearts. 

5. Asks For What They Want


A partner who is not afraid to ask for what they want means they feel comfortable in the relationship. Your partner should never be scared to ask for what they want. In a healthy relationship, your partner will politely ask for what they need from you and never take on a passive-aggressive tone with you when doing so. 


A healthy relationship is achievable. I must note that for a relationship to be healthy, there must be two healthy people present. When each partner is actively focused on becoming the best versions of themselves, a prosperous relationship is more than possible.

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Zakiya Payne is a Multimedia Journalism major at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. The first-generation student enjoys writing in her journal, telling corny jokes, and shopping! A Mantra that she repeats daily is, “I am busy becoming the woman of my dreams!”