5 Foods to Help You Eat Your Water


We all know we're supposed to drink eight cups of water or more a day. But we all also know that doesn't always happen. If you’re not working a job where you can carry around a water jug or you're a person who tends to forget their water bottle, there are still ways you can help yourself stay hydrated throughout the day. How? By eating! You may not realize it, but fruits and vegetables are full of water. Here are five foods to help you eat your recommended water intake:

1. Watermelon

Despite what one might assume, watermelons don't have the highest water content of all fruits and vegetables, but they're up there. Perfect for being enjoyed in the summertime, watermelon is as refreshing as water with a nice hint of sweetness.

Water Content: 91.5%

2. Peppers

Bell peppers are great for your fajitas or the more obvious bell pepper soup. Compared to others, green bell peppers contain the highest amount of water and are the least ripe, yet best for cooking.

Water Content: 93.9%

3. Grapefruit

This citrus fruit can be used to help lower your cholesterol and weight with its ability to reduce cravings. In addition to its high water content, grapefruit is great to share with a friend right before your sweat session. 

Water Content: 90.5%

4. Tomatoes

Fruit or vegetable? The debate is still up in the air, but what’s not up for debate is the amount of water you can consume from a tomato. Tomatoes can give you a burst of juicy flavor with a salad, sandwich or just dipped in a low-fat ranch dressing.

Water Content: 94.5%

5. Cucumbers 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, cucumbers are one of the vegetables with the highest amounts of water. They are perfect to add to your salad, alongside your sandwich instead of chips, or to dip in dressing or hummus 

Water Content: 96. 7%  

Check out more ways you can eat your water here, and let us know how you’re going to consume your daily eight cups of water in the comments BELOW!

Elon Graves is an 18-year-old with eager plans to change the world. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University with a major in journalism focus in PR and minor in Spanish. Elon has worked for Pretty Girls Sweat as both a Teen Diaries Writer and Social Media/Editorial Intern. Along with writing, Elon takes up a passion for the arts through dance. She is also a member of Next Generation Service Corps, a rigorous program that develops students to be leaders in all sectors of business. The artistic writer and dancer has plans to use her platform to bring more opportunities to young people in the future.