5 Fitness Blogs to Follow Now!


Nothing excites me more than stumbling upon and discovering new fitness blogs and bloggers. It is great to see women share their fitness journey, discuss their weight loss story or simply just create a space to empower and encourage others.
Although Hannah Bronfman’s fitness blog HB Fit is one of my favorite blogs for the latest fitness gear and health related topics, I have put together five fitness blogs that are worth following as well!
Whatever your fitness level or fitness goal, each blogger below will inspire you. Read on to know about each one and make sure you check out their awesome blogs!
1. Actively Gemma
IG: instagram.com/fearthefall
Connecticut Native Gemma Acheampong is a recent college grad trying to find her footing—literally! Although relatively new to track and field, Acheampong originally started running simply to have fun with friends and boost her high school resume for college admissions. But through a series of events, Acheampong found her niche in the 100-meter dash as well as skills in content writing, copywriting and branding. Follow Actively Gemma as she chronicles the smallest changes that too, lead to the biggest success!

2. My Pretty Brown Fit
As a food, fitness and lifestyle blog where she shares her love for food, faith, fitness and distance running, Artney’s dedication is hard to miss. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Artney’s weight loss journey started in 2008 when she joined Weight Watchers. Upon joining Weight Watchers, she created a space to share her experiences, ups and downs, weight loss struggles and victories, recipes, workouts and more. Running has become a great passion of hers and through her blog, she constantly encourages others to live balanced, active and healthier lives no matter your size.

3. Taylor Walker Fit
IG: instagram.com/taylorwalkerfit
In 2014, Taylor Walker won a nationwide Wilhelmina fitness model search. However, she knew that if she really wanted to land the once in a lifetime contract, she had to make a complete lifestyle change. As a former ninth grade Physical Education Teacher, she has always been an advocate for healthy living. As a fitness model, blogger and Barre instructor living in Miami, FL, Taylor’s blog serves as a place to document and share her journey while living the most healthy and active lifestyle possible.

4. Chelsea Loves Yoga
IG: instagram.com/chelsealovesyoga  
Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts specializes in yoga for youth, teacher education and issues surrounding yoga accessibility. She is currently developing yoga and literacy curriculum for Atlanta area youth and conducts trainings for yoga instructors, individuals and communities. Follow her blog for daily yoga tips, advice and more.

5. GRIT by Brit
IG:  instagram.com/gritbybrit
As a former management consultant, Brittani Rettig took a leap of faith to launch a new revolutionary new fitness concept in Dallas, TX—GRIT Fitness. Though grit is defined as a passion and perseverance for long term goals, Rettig’s mission is to use physical fitness to help people develop the mental grit needed to lead their best lives. Her lifestyle blog offers great fitness tips and well, but check out her personal site brittanirettig.com for more information!
Are there any other fitness blogs you follow? Let us know in the comments!

TEEN REPORTER | Ajea Nicole is a junior at Lasell College located in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, the 20 year-old loves every aspect of the journalistic world including topics related to fitness, fashion, style, social media and more. In her spare time she appreciates travel, blogging, discovering new food and reading great books.