5 Financial Experts to Follow Now

Let’s be honest, Sweat Sisters. Whether you’re in high school, college, or neither, you don’t know every single little thing there is when it comes to finances. Even when you think you have your budget down to the penny, there's always something new to be learned. Whether it be stocks, debt, taxes or student loans, you would probably come across new information as the result of a quick Google search and a few clicks.
However, sometimes we just don’t feel like researching, or more specifically, we prefer not to read lengthy books that highlight each and every element of financial literacy. Instead, we often prefer the convenient lessons that are on our phones and take less than 30 seconds to fully load. 
Luckily, online tutorials are available on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. With that being said, we're sharing the social media profiles of four finance experts that will educate you and bring your financial literacy up to speed. Read and explore each to review or gain new financial knowledge. 

1. Erin Lowry (@BrokeMillennial)

A financial fanatic, Erin Lowry writes books, hosts lectures and workshops, and frequently updates her blog to influence millennials to live a stress-free financial lifestyle. Through her many works, she educates teenagers and adults on topics such as college debt, finance through marriage, and the importance of the dollar. 


2. Samantha Ealy, Generation Wealthy (@samanthaealy)

Growing up in a financially unstable family, Samantha Ealy didn’t recognize the importance of financial literacy. While in college she went through some financial harships, such as experiencing homelessness. Ealy’s childhood and college experience made her question the severity of finance and why it wasn’t taught to many young adults. With a passion for spreading financial literacy, Ealy created Generation Wealthy, a nonprofit organization aimed to influence people to make better financial decisions.

3. Suze Orman (@SuzeOrmanShow)

Known as a “Personal Finance Guru,” Suze Orman’s (real name Susan) first job was as a bakery waitress making about $400 a month. She is a New York Times bestselling author, a column writer, producer, and a motivational speaker. Orman hosted her own show, 'Suze Orman Show,' for 13 years. She's also known for her financial messages aimed at women and her great amount of success.

4. Liz Weston (@lizweston)

As stated on her website, Liz Weston is an award-winning columnist in personal finance, as well as a financial professional speaker, commentator, and author. Her personal finance columns have been read around the country, and her book, Your Credit Score, is a national bestseller. 

5. Tiffany Aliche AKA: “The Budgetnista” (@thebudgetnista)

An Amazon bestselling author, Tiffany Aliche lives her life encouraging financial empowerment internationally, specifically focusing on women. Through many workshops, blog posts, and lectures, Aliche has proved her financial expertise. According to her website, The Budgetnista has been featured in: The New York Times, Reuters, US News and World Report, the TODAY show, Good Morning America, CNN, PBS, Fox Business, MSNBC, CBS MoneyWatch, TIME, ESSENCE Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and FORBES.

Know of any other financial experts? Share their social media profile below!
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