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4 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone In The Gym This Semester


It’s no secret that humans are creatures of habit. We have schedules and routines for many aspects of our lives, including physical activity. When it comes to fitness, it’s easy to get in the habit of sticking to the same regimen when you break a sweat because it’s comfortable for you but this can easily get you and your body stuck in a workout rut. To help you take your sweat sessions to the next level, here are 4 ways you can step outside your comfort zone in the gym this semester:

1. Switch up your sweat sessions.

Adhering to the same fitness routine all the time makes it harder for your muscles to grow stronger. That’s why it’s best to mix things up in the gym. If you typically hit the treadmill, try new ways to burn calories like taking a pilates class, or even utilizing the free weights.

2. Break a sweat with a fellow sweat sister.

Working out alone can get boring real quick. We suggest bringing a friend along to the gym or even joining your campus’ PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT chapter to get connected with girls who will encourage you to push yourself from the beginning to end of your sweat sessions. When someone is holding you accountable during your workout, it's a great motivator to go harder in the gym.

3. Try new fitness centers and classes near you.

If you’ve grown tired of only going to the rec center to get your exercise in, we suggest stepping off campus and visiting nearby fitness centers. Breaking a sweat in a new environment will give you extra inspiration to take on any workout like a boss. Many gyms and studios offer discounts to college students so be sure to inquire about reduced membership and class prices.

4. Find your competitive edge.

Everyone enjoys a little friendly competition. You can easily step outside your comfort zone by signing up for activities such as a run or obstacle course workout. Trying these non-traditional fitness methods will help you push past your workout wall and realize the endless options you have for engaging in physical activity.

How do you plan to step outside your comfort zone in the gym this semester? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

TEEN REPORTER | Olivia Hancock is currently a freshman at Georgia State University. The 18-year-old has loved writing ever since she can remember and her passion for it has allowed her to hold the title of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Teen Reporter for four consecutive terms. In addition, Olivia has had the opportunity to work with Her Campus and Nordstrom as an ambassador. When she’s not writing, the creative college student can be found spending time with family and friends. In the future, Olivia plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and pursue a professional career at a publication such as Teen Vogue.