4 Totally Unselfish Ways to Stay Busy this Summer


Not interning this summer? No big deal! Instead of working part-time at the local pizzeria or of clocking in hours at Forever 21, your summer job can be just as beneficial as an internship if you give back to your community. Volunteering is a fulfilling way to add polish to your college apps.

If you're anything like us, you are a female version of the crocodile hunter (R.I.P.). Well, maybe not that extreme, but you probably have 1-3 pets at home and love going to the zoo and/or the pet shop. Here are some ideas of how you can put your passion to work for you and help the little creatures of the earth.

1. Local Science Museum

Many local museums that specialize in natural history or science have an animal education department. Give them a call and see if they need volunteers. 

"When I was in high school, I volunteered three days a week at the Cumberland Science Museum in the animal room. I befriended all types of exotic animals such as fox, snakes, parrots, possums, ducks and much more. The job was glamorous yet grimy. Glamorous because I was the official animal educator on my workdays. I was the one who presented select animals to the visiting public. Grimy because I had to perform the gruesome task of ensuring their living spaces were clean and fresh. Overall, I LOVED this opportunity and value the experience to this day." - Lachelle Metcalf

2. Veterinary Clinic

If you are looking to make a career out of animal care, you should get a head start by interning at your local vet clinic.

"During my other two free days in high school, I was a vet intern at the Hillsboro Animal Clinic. Again, this job was awesome because I was able to interact with the animals but also gained worthwhile knowledge in the veterinary career field. Filling prescriptions, drawing blood, watching surgeries, and sitting in on client exams were a few of the tasks I completed on a regular basis. Funny thing is - after my first year of college I chose not to pursue this career path. It was fun anyway!" - Lachelle

Don’t you just love the cute chubby cheeks and adorable tiny toes and fingers of infants? Do rambunctious toddlers just make you smile? If you love kids, here are a couple of ideas for you to consider:

3. Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospitals ALWAYS need people to volunteer in various areas of the facility. For more information, (CLICK HERE).

4. Summer Camps

During the summer months when school is not in session, countless kids are attending camps around the nation. Many of these camps are in search of teen and young adult volunteers to manage and mentor the students. Here are a few websites you can visit to find a local summer camp in your area:

o summercamps.com
o mysummercamps.com
o camppage.com
o Also, visit Google.com and type in “Summer Camps”


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