4 Simple, Natural Hairstyle Tutorials to Get You Through Finals


Final exam week is jam packed with studying, which means you'll most likely become a part of #TeamNoSleep and may feel that you have no time to dedicate to doing your hair. However, you don’t have to let the stress of upcoming tests keep you from maintaining your mane. Check out these four simple natural hairstyle tutorials below to see how your curls and coils can still look super cute during final exam week!

1. Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown, a beauty vlogger with a channel that boasts close to 1 million subscribers, demonstrates how simply adding two braids to the front of your hair can help you create a number of effortless hairdos.

2. Luchi Loyale

Luchi Loyale’s tutorials are geared towards ladies with type 4 hair, but the thirteen beautiful styles she does in her video are also perfect for all natural girls who have limited time to spend on their hair during finals.

3. Smartista Beauty

SmartistaBeauty’s channel is filled with various natural hair videos, but her sleek bun tutorial is the perfect style to do during this time of the school year because it takes little time to do in the morning. However, it will look like you spent immense effort on your hair.

4. Samirah Gilli

Top knot buns are a go-to style for many and in Samirah Gilli’s tutorial, she took the style to the next level by doing a half-up half-down hairdo with two top knot buns! This style would be perfect for all hair types and will just take minutes to complete.

How do you plan to style your hair during finals? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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